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Making pancakes with Jolayssa

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Video Transcription

hey guys so welcome back to Genesiscooking and today we’re gonna be makingpancakes so you will need a bowl an eggthe original or any kind I’m Giannathat’s what I’m using and milk so firstwho needs of pancake mix and I’m makingit only one so it doesn’t really sorryI’m so lucky it didn’t really mattersometimes you’re gonna be a mess rightnow[Music]okay let me just ask my mom because Idon’t know how much powder I’m supposedto put her for one secondI’m back should it’s fun and if you wantone of them this is like how much it’ssupposed to be and now you get the eggyou can put all the stuff after then youget your edit and you get your spoon andcracker and put it in don’t let anyshells get in your now ruin it and tasteit weird you knowI don’t know I broke when I opened itget in okay good now you get don’t whiskanything up oh you got the milk pour alittle bit first like this much milk seeit be that and then start mixing it mixit and I can’t stop on this video cuzI’ll have to do a part two to this goeson and on and onlooks like dough I can’t look likethough has to be like firm if it lookslike this way it looks like this it’snot done okay it’s not done like that No

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