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Making Pancakes with Jaden

Jaden makes the best chocolate pancakes #moreviews #morsubscribers

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

oh she was beauty okayhi guys subscribe to my channel thanksfor watching my videos make sure tosubscribe it hit the button I’m gonna beposting new videos every Friday todayI’m going to be making pancakes but waita second but how do I know how to makepicking six by the way it’s also gettinglate so first I need to ask my sisterthough probably she knows okay now let’sgo to our tablespoon sugar tastesbooming I forgot this with you andkidnap cinnamon okay tablespoon bakingpowder paste spoon salt eggs cup of notetablespoons melted butter okayteaspoon of vanilla cup chocolate chipskit I’m in stuff from here[Music][Music]okay now I’m gonna take this bag ofchocolate chips and this is open alreadyand I’m gonna put it all the way up hereokay let’s see if it’s good okay now I’mgonna put it in here right and then Imight take this thing with a risk alland mixed it it’s very hard[Music]oh my godforgot to turn it off we got did I donot to not oh my god I need to turn offbefore anyone sees me but I do know howto turn it on or up and I don’t want toburn my hands from anyway but did goodsome with this one what I think it’sthis one oh I think it’s probably thisminiatureyeah it’s off okay ooh by the way youcould also pull enough okay now it’stime to try this let’s see how it tasteshold the kiss Burnham oh my god it’s notreally good this is like the best thingI ever had I did it correctly that’sawesome okay I have it I have it I justthis is just so good yeah I just have tohave another bite a big onehold on guys this is this pancake isrough I call my sister my dad to trythis because um they’re not even knowthis pancake wrapthis is so good I gotta burn a littlebit that’s okay mmm now pass the bestpart but I like this mmm this is amazingokay give me come here come hereyou’re right come here okay okay okaythat’s enough that’s enough okaynothing okay good good good you yougotta see thisI mean you see how it’s like correctlylike you should I mean it’s in thisgreat you can’t say no to this it’s likethe best package you ever had or me mmmthe best I call my mom and dad and mysister to try this out this because thisis like amazing amazing you’re gonnamake sure think it best part okay beright backif you want to come you can come[Music][Music]I want to be posting videos every FridayI can’t wait to show you my room my toysand all my other cool stuff

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