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Making Pancakes with ELIZA! *very chaotic* 😂😂

I basically decided to make pancakes with my bro, I was very hungry so I had no choice. It was fun, but very chaotic😂. I hope you enjoyed the vid. If you want to join the fam SUBSCRIBE!!! I will be posting once or twice every week. I love you guys, and I will see you next week!!!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]good evening is 2 o’clock yeah we’regonna make pancakes for breakfast we aremaking pancakes my life my love myfricking husband pancakes yes I’m justgetting around the bowl this is sugarfirst lesson you have to pour the sugarin this is not sugar it’s time to mixfirst lookpancake mix in there I don’t even knowLina I just ran in my producer onemoment Karis car you buy more eatingthis random thing binky I know it’scalled I just put water and then justmix it yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah again Ijust randomly put it until it’s likenormal you know what I mean[Music][Music]Jesus Christ okay okay you do this youdo basically a long video okay okay Iuse vanilla extractI’m wholesome why I use vanilla extractum you don’t have to them but I do likethe one frickin kitchen okay I use thisI just put it like this it smells sogood you don’t have to do it though Ilove doing elephant smellingpretty please it’s Easter egg and thenyou just add more water this is my girllet me kiss them I mix it I need to seethat mix do this what it looks like thisis what it looks like basically okay soI’m just mixing this like this until itis very vomitus yes yes take your timetake your time okay take your time takeas long as you will desire three yearsfive years doesn’t matter as long as youwantyes thank you thank you very muchfinally oh my gosh my head’s explodingso yelling in my ear kissing my ownshoulder random things okay I think I’mdone it’s watery oh my gosh that’s coolI suck at thisthis is the only thing I make and I alsomake cupcakes I make some eggs i stufflike thatokay this is the weirdest thing I’veever donemixing this there’s someone yelling inthe back and keep touching me now thatI’m done mixing I literally um lost 5pounds out of that and is yelling so Ireally need your surgery 1 this is overnow I’m just gonna grab it around thepan I’m going to use these ships I usethis 10 this one is very cool becauseyou don’t have to put any it was a lookat add right nowyou don’t have to put any oil oranything on it it doesn’t burn you justput the pancake right here do that thenI just put it right thereand then it just cooks by itself don’tyou get us do it I’m doing right now iswaiting for it to get hot that’sbasically what it is and this is whatthe pancake mix looks like yeah okay I’mjust waiting for it to get hot and takesforever to get hot and it’s hot I’ll putthe pancake mix on it and then when it’sover my fat ass will eat everything I’llshare someone I’ll eat everything yeahokay now are we[Music]or weeding makes it more like the momkind of mom knows how to do it thisbetter buthe wants to make his own YouTube channelhe’s basically making a video fromsuffer you’re gonna burn yourselfthere’s no time to go to the hospitalright now what why you’re recording thevideo okay my brother’s making so muchnoise right now okay I’m done mixing soI’m basically going to put to this witha spoon with this very cute spoon I’mgonna do that and like poured on the panand yes I can never make pancakes out ofscratch okay with the pancake mix andwhen I make cakes or like cupcakes it’salways cake mix I can’t do anything elselike I suck like a try but I don’t havetime to buy a new house right now I’llbreak it down okay I think it is hotright now so let’s do this okay now I’mgoing to pour it in on it okay I’m goingto show you basically what it looks likeI just I even literally forgot to pressthe record button I was talking tomyself I did that and I just poured iton that so just looks like thatbasically nothing really special veryboring racist and not go beyond Z but Imean it’s okay pilling and I’m waitingfor it to me to cook it’s a baking cappancakes with cooking pancakes Emma okayI’m just gonna use I think I’m gonna getplace that I could put this init’s plastic okay beautiful very nice Ilike it so muchvery goodI share my shoes I’m doing good are youdoing back there everybody get itI think it’s good looks pretty sexy Ilike itnow we don’t now we’re going on to thedifferent man yay I suck at cooking andthen you pour that one thereI’m very nice very sexy very everythingI’m dying from thirst this water is verymeaty course my time recording thepancake making I’m just gonna finish itup and then I’ll eat it and we’ll seehow it tastes okay very good veryprofessional when I am done I willrecord how it tastes[Music][Music]I hope you liked it that was so weird itwas good like the thank you for videosyou do with Nutella or strawberry tastesexactly like crepe like you exactly likewheat kind of tastes like it well thistime I just got syrup because theyreally call easy if you like it that wasa pretty fun video I hope you like thevideo thank you you’re watching I loveyou guys if you wanted to win the familysubscribe if you don’t then okay thenyour choice I will be posting every weekonce or twice a week basically this weekit was twice as my second video thisweek so you could watch the other one ifyou like am I looking that I love youguys have an amazing day and see youguys next week

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