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How to make oatmeal pancakes and apple sauce

2 cups of oatmeal (blended)
1 tsp of grated nutmeg
1/4 cup of brown sugar
1 cup of milk
1 egg
Mix to a liquid texture
Then cook to desire

Apple sauce:
2 apples finely chopped
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 water
Cook until soft
Then add to pancakes
And enjoy 😉

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Video Transcription

guys welcome back to shamans kitchentoday because me and Marty we get up soearly this morningwe decided we’re gonna make homemadepancake from scratch and we will beusing oatmeal instead of regular flourbecause we want to make a healthypancake so in order to make this pancakeand make it nice and make it veryfriendly we decide that we’re also gonnamake an apple sauce to go with thepancake so guys this morning the kidsare up for a treat and we want to sharethis recipe with you guys so guys forthe pancake what we’re making we’regonna make a apple sauce to go with thatso we’re making homemade apple sauce andhere I have two organic apple that I’mgonna be cutting into small pieces andthis is a very simple sauce so we’remaking and guys anybody would love thiskids love it adults love it and it’svery very simple ingredient so all youhave to do is cut your Apple and like Isaid it’s organic so I’m not taking theskin off because the skin play a verybig part into this sauce the skin tendsto help the sauce get nice and pink andit makes it really really beautiful soI’m just gonna cut this into smallpieces and I want to show you guys veryvery small pieces so they can cook quickand they can um the all the whateveringredients were putting in can’t reallyreally soak into this very quickly sothis is how I’m cutting them and it’s avery simple recipe so all we’re puttinginto the sauce today is a little bit ofbrown sugar and some cinnamon and alittle maybe two teaspoons of water andyou just cook it from maybe ten eight toten minutes and that’s all that you needfor this this sauce so guys let me keepcutting these and then I’ll show you thenext step so guys this is the two applesthat I cut up and youbut you can get them to Apple and allI’m going to add its quarter cup ofbrown sugar if you don’t have brownsugar you can use white sugar but I findthat brown sugar gives it that nicebrown color and make it on the biggest anice color so I add the sugar into theschool after that I cut finely and tohell this to cook faster I’m gonna addprobably a quarter cup of water youdon’t want to put too much water becausethe absolute juice water with the sugarand then the next thing that you wannaadd into this is your cinnamon and I’mgonna add that right now so everythingcan cook together and everything can canmix in well so I’m gonna add 2 TSP ofcinnamon ground cinnamon and I’m addingteeth 2 teaspoon because this will giveit a nice rich color and flavor the morecinnamon you put but you have to put theright amount because if you put too muchit’s gonna get betterthe nicer the sauce will be because ofmake it nice and brown and have a nicecinnamon flavor so I’m gonna cook thisuntil it’s done and nice and soft youwant to take it down with a little bitof chunk but I’ll show you guys aconsistency that I take it down with Imight be adding half of a line becausethe lime juice balance it off or lemonif you have and give it a really reallynice flavor or if you don’t have limeand lemon when you making this you canalso add apple cider vinegar a littleone teaspoon or half and died in handslike this the the vinegar or the phlegmto enhance the sauce way way more thanif you leave it out but you can alwaysleave it out too so let me cook this andwe’ll show you guys as we go so guysit’s cooking up nicely but I’m gonna addthat 1/2 lemon juice into here becausethat’s gonna balance the sweetness andit’s gonna give a nice little tardyflavor that I love when I’m eating thissauce so I’m just gonna add the 1/2 oflemon or quarter of a lemon so I cutthis lemon into into quarter piecesbecause it fits better into my um mysqueezer so I’m gonna put the next halfnow and that’s all that you need againthis lemon juice is optional if youdon’t have lemon and you want to addthat’s nice tardiness you can also add asorry line I’m adding line but if youdon’t have line you can on lemon and ifyou don’t have any of those and youwould like to put the 13s inside you canalso add a little half a spoon or aspoon of apple cider vinegars you haveif not please feel free to leave it upit’s cooking up nice is getting softthere is not much cooking and if youlike your apples to be in chunks you cantake it off like this but I’m gonna letit go for a little bit more and thenI’ll take it off so guys this is donewe’re gonna take it this junkie becauseit’s really really nice this way I tastewith one little piece and the flavor isso so nice you can taste the cinnamonand you can taste a little bit of limejuice so I’m gonna take it out becauseyou want a little bit of the sauce to beunder the pancakes so this is all thatyou need to do further apple sauce soguys for the pancake I have 2 cups ofoatmeal in here and to make it like aflour constituency I usually blend theoatmeal up so I’m gonna put it into myblendergonna blend this oatmeal up honey it’sgonna become like powder so I wanted todo that and then we’ll show you guys howwe mix this okay guys so the the oatmealis already blended and it is theconsistency of flour and I’m putting itin here because it’s easier for me topour out and cook when I use thismeasuring cup so into the oatmeal I’mgonna add some nutmeg because I like toflavor it up with nutmeg or if you don’tlike no man you can use cinnamon butthese are the two spice will depend onhow I’m feeling I am because I alreadyadd cinnamon into the office and I’mgonna add not make incident with me Ilike to grate fresh nutmeg but if youdon’t have fresh nutmegyou can also use the ground one alreadyground up so I have my nutmeg in theresugar and again I’m using brown sugarand I want to use half a cup of brownsugar but guys if you don’t want to addsugar in here and you want to keep it ona healthier side you can add honeyor you can make it plain and then at theend of it when you’re eating you can addsome honey or some kind of healthysweetener yeah so or for the applesauceyou already have some sugar in there sodepends on how you like it if you likeit sweet you can add sugar if you don’tlike it sweet you can leave the sugarout and add whatever you want to eat ontop but because I’m making for kids Iwant them to enjoy so the next step I’mgonna add is an eggegg two eggs I’m one today I’m gonna beadding one egg because let me not a lotand I’m making you can mix this up withwater or you can mix it up with the milkbut I always like to use milk instead soI’m gonna put milk until I have a nicesmooth consistency and this is about twocups of milk I’m adding here and youwanna make it nice and the more liquidyif you put it on mostly on the liquidside you’re gonna have it’s easier foryou to pour into your pan when you’recooking and it’s gonna be very easy towork with if it’s on the thicker sidethen it’s gonna be hard for you to workwith plus it’s gonna be hard for you topour out on to the time so this is allthat you need to do so that’s the Nutmegand that’s like a spoon teaspoon ofnutmeg I grated this is the perfectconsistency than a multi floor I addedtwo cups of oatmeal and half a cup ofwas a half a cup I think it was quarterquarter cup of brown sugar sorry guysquarter cup of brown sugar and the itwasn’t two cups of milk it was because Ialready had two cups of flour it waslike one cup of milk so that’s how it isand now I’m gonna start cooking themokay guys so I have I’m using one ofthese little skillet and I like to usethis because you get a nice littleperfect size out of it and I put a youcan use butter on the bottom so itdoesn’t stick but I use coconut oil andI’m gonna pour a little because thishere you can’t put too much because theskillet is not big but it gives you aperfect size that you’re looking for sowhat you want to dojust on the top here you wanna justspread it out so you get it a little bitbigger than what it is and then youleave it to cook on Tilda it’s one sideit’s cooked a little and then you canflip them but I’ll show you guys as wecook so guys you you tend to know whenone side is scoped you either see someBrown edge on the bottom or some holesstart bubbling on the top and that’swhen you’re gonna flip it over to theother side and this is not like yournormal regular pancake with flour theconsistency is a little bit differentthe texture is different and sometimesthe color look a little bit on thebrowner side because it’s not theregular flour pancake but trust me guysit’s very very nice it’s healthy it’sthe flavor is good and you will love itso guys this one is done I’m gonna takeit out and I’ll put it in plates forthem but in the meantime I’ll put outanother one but please remember guys toput your butter or your whatever youwant to put here so it doesn’t stick andlike I said I’m putting my coconut oilbecause I gave it a nice coconut flavorand if you don’t do that it’s gonnastick to the bottom so please rememberthat step every time you put up you adda new one onto the thing put add yourbutter or your oil or whatever you wantto put so I’m gonna spread out thisother one and then leave it to cook andpancake with oatmeal doesn’t take longto cook at all because you as you guysknow old meal you can eat oatmeal rawyou can eat oatmeal when it’s likehalfway cook you don’t have to cook thisfor a long time it’s really really easyto pop and you you don’t have to stay along time behind cooking these so I’mgonna give this another few minutes andthen I’ll flip it overokay okay guys so this is the finish ofthe hot meal pancake and my Applehomemade applesauce look how beautifulthat look I just pour everything I meanI poured some of the apple on top I’mgonna do a taste test and let you guysknow how it is you guys this is a verysimple recipe as you see the step bystep the applesauce is so simple thepancake is so so simple from scratchyour kids will love it your family wouldlove it or if you’re home and you don’tknow what to make for breakfast one daythis is an awesome awesome recipe so letme play it one for myself and I’ll letyou guys know how it tastes but this isthe moment of truth that we’re waitingfor I’m gonna taste a nice little piecewith some of that apple sauce on top I’mjust gonna cut these here and then putsome of the salt and I always love thisfresh homemade apple sauce with a greathint of cinnamon coming true so guys letme taste and let you guys know how it isgod this is so good so delicious sotasty the apple sauce with the segmentsis so amazing guys and especially whenyou make it it always stays better whenyou make it so guys you know I always doa test for you guys so this mouthful isfor all my viewers and my subscriber hmmso so good guys you will never never goback to any kind of pancake once you trythis recipe it is even better than youmake everything from scratch foryourself the apple sauce the oatmealpancake you’ll enjoy it even more soguys if you haven’t subscribed to myvideo please do so please if you likethis videogave me a thumbs up please leave me acomment let me know what you would likeme to make next or if you have anyquestions until then bye for now

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