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Making pancakes with Dad! 🥞

Hello Buddies! 💙 I am sorry I have not posted in a while, I’ve been super busy! I hope you guys are doing well, staying healthy and, being safe! I am sending my prayers out to people who are not doing so well right now 🙏 Remember wash your hands, stay healthy! 💙😊


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Video Transcription

everybody this is David and myquarantine film film are here Shania mydaughter who’s talked me into doing alittle breakfast a simple breakfast thatwe could share with you all during thesequarantine times I started off a littlebit already I just gonna get anythingset up I could see that I’ve taken abanana that was about ready to go badput that miss jar here we get some meltout there we got some pecans we got someblueberries vanilla lemon juice and somepancake mix we’re not gonna we’re notgonna make this from scratch we’re goingto use a pancake mix which is gonna helpease the process a little bit so thefirst thing that we’re gonna do here letme just state for the record that I havethoroughly washed my hands for over 20seconds in warm water and you know giventhe fact that’s two of us here I’m nottoo concerned beyond that we’re in foodhandler gloves or anything like that ifilmmakers really kind of going all overthe place so I have washed my hands I’veactually put a pan on the stove and I’vegotta run low so we can get that panready for kind of creating a crisp outerlayer of the actual pancake itself sowe’re gonna go ahead and just mash thiskind of banana up right now you knowjust to kind of mix things up a littlebit what I’m going to do just forpurposes of fluidity and helping thisbanana mash a little better or at leasta little bit of vanilla there the songchoice coming out of my pockets we’regoing to go ahead and switch that overreal quick and just make sure that wehave everything in order and I’d alsolike to state that I’ve clorox my phoneso when I’m touching the phone pickingup the new germs I feel okay about thatbecause I’ve actually Clorox the phonetransitioning over but now that I’mtalking about it I should probablyagain going right there mine this isprobably the fifth time I’ve washed myhands I feel really good about this thisis just for practice but the banana isthere I go back to mixing mat now we’regoing to go ahead and throw in some Netsjust the two of us here we’re not goingto make doing a whole lot for leftoversbut it’s safe to say we should use solidcup I don’t really pay attention to thedirections and so I don’t know what itsays for fluids here I know that it saysuse water I like to add a little waterif you’re just gonna go ahead and do alittle splash kind of just see what thatisnow Google trick here an old an oldtrick that most of you probably don’tknow we’re gonna take a little melt andpour it in this cup I’m going to squirta little lemon juice in there now yousquirt lemon juice in the milk that kindof helps to give what people refer to asbutter melting nice little summer buttermelt taste cuz we all know that pancakesare better with buttermilk so ideallykind of mix that up a little bit so youkind of get a little bit about well Isay the word curdle it’s a weird wordhurdle but that doesn’t quite hurdle butwe’re just gonna go aheadmix this up a little bit I don’t likegetting stuff on the counter that we didthat just a little action shot pour thatin there tooI can kind of see a little bit of Ithink how you want your cinnamonactually little nervous I’ve never donethis before on camera should I can backup a little bit and just give you alittle thumbs up here staying strongstaying healthy back home drink lots ofwater okay cons of yours aren’t all thetimes nope okay tonight is about thetimes in Harris but Dad will so for themost part just given where we’re atright now we’re basically good to go forpurposes of actually preventing puttingmy hands in here and the transmission ofpossible germs into the bag is going todump it through those in a countertophere so the prepared first night notwanting any and that’s a sufficientamount for dad okay now we are going touse container from up it was a littleThai food that we got for Terry Oh andwe took that container we washed it wecan use it again putting on top you knowsome people like to put blueberriesinside the pancake I think that theyexplode a little bit and they become toowarm we make a nice crisp blueberry ontop of the pancakes after they’re donewe’re gonna go ahead and soak thosefor a minute my multitasker and I’mmaking a toast eyelid later so we canalso get this butter on ready for thepan is where you want it to be I wouldsay a solid medium heat you have anyparticular probably want your pan cookmoney on this circular weather like inthe long form just anything I think justfor purposes of this video today we’regoing to try to see if we can doanything interesting with how we shapethe pancake okay I think this is a nicetextured batter not too thick it’s notgonna run too much and put it on thereand now what I do is I take this butterhere this is real butter I believe thisis sweetened unsalted butter doesn’treally matter take this boom swipeshelps prevent the stick but also againwe’re also talking about that thincrispy texture on the bottom of it kindof like that get to the point where it’sjust about wrong[Music]or to make sure your coffee in morningis a good morningokay now based upon how I look at thisbutter I think it’s good to goso we’re going to dad’s going to make along pancake for him it’s gonna make alittle ball and you take thereinteresting is gonna get little circlesthere okay actually you know what we’regoing to do a little just for fun todayfor those kids out there watching andwe’re gonna go ahead and do that I’mgonna switch this around that’s almostif you get yourself a little you knowwhat we’re gonna do something differenthere right in the spotthis is live we’re gonna go ahead and dothat like it’s now a sudden went frombeing just a little bit of our nothingtill sometimes the plans change we knowwhen you’re getting going through herejust like life has changed a lot in thelast week somebody doesn’t brush theirteeth too much they’re brown teeth theyhave in here it’s a good reminder tobrush those teeth all rightlet’s cook for a minute you know we’rewhat they say I think could be whatyou’re kind of looking for a bubble toform on top of the pancake itself Idon’t really pay attention to that asmuch as I just look at the actual watchof the pancake coming up but about thiscoming up right there you know I want tosee cut a rotten crispy layer the bottomremember I’m liking the pecans and soI’m going to go ahead and throw a pecanor two in thereideally able to mix those in there butyou know we’re protecting the integrityof Shania is interesting that having apecans in here so you know we knowbetter not to say those things I’m justgonna take a little we’re gonna take alook oh gosh we already got it we’ve gotthe drum going right now – no one’sgonna struggle there in the middle yousee that guy breaks away this one I’mworried about flipping we’re gonna giveit our best and over now we’ve got thepancakes are good to go there’s nothingelse I need to do herepush that now with my hand rememberwe’re working with clean hands here andwash those nice and nice beforehand anice lather that was good to practicewhen you’re not washing your hands justto get used to it and at this point intime where you know we’re seconds awayfromdon’t want it to be not cooked in themiddle so we’re gonna turn that burnerdown a little bit that way it gives alittle extra time for a slow cook youwant a slow cook to get the inner partof the pancake I do want to remind youthat because this is a pancake mix thatwe didn’t have to add egg to that whichmeans that you could eat these with alittle bit of uncooked middle texturebecause it’s not too worried about a rawegg in there which is really a nicething the two plates out here let’s notlook inside the fridge here fridge butwe’re going to look we have syrupand you know we’re really shootin to getsome pure maple syrup we’re a big fan ofusing pure maple syrup granted you canuse any syrup you want so we have somepure syrup this is that Michigan maplesyrup which is definitely the best inthe country in my opinion a lot of goodfolks in Michigan make and maple syrupright now so you appreciate that we doadvise you know a good pure maple syrupwhich we do have I’m gonna go ahead andsay these look they’re oh gosh look atthat just nice so we’re gonna go aheadand say thank you very much for watchingthis video and we hope that you got alittle you know fun experience onwatching this make some pancakes thismorning it’s probably a little too latebecause it’s 12:30 11:30 and 10:30 andwhatever times all over the place 9:30in California but we wish you the bestand maybe we’ll be back again if youguys like this video

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