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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everyone so we are going to becreating pancakesso with funk my sister’s filming – ok soyeah see you in about five guys this isthe the type of the pancake mix thatwe’re using if we just put it like thisin the pantry so we have pancake mix nowwe have water in there so how much waterfor six is how that’s 3/4 so you wantthe meniscus out of the water is thebottom part of that little bubble to beon there see you back I’m just gonnafocus on getting the water to 3/4 so Iback guys and I finished filling up thecup with water and we are going tocontinue making our pancakesto mix the pancake mix yes we will beback once we finish mixing hey guys sobe careful you know it’s polenta by RCbaby so wash your spoons off very wellhigh in the bowl with the pancake mix so[Music]so we are going to get this skilletembarr going to start actually cookingbaking whatever cooking the cook cookingcooking the pancakes so this is GrahamGracie oMG she picked the name yeah andwe are going to be having a CookingChannel and just doing fun challengesand are we doing lol reviews and forcooking I’m going to be doing dessertsand I might be doing something extra soyeah that’s our YouTube channel thepancakes MIT I feel like that’s gonna beone pancake one very small yeah Ithought it was gonna be like a ginormouspancakes five well yeah thinking itwould be really fun yeah so yeah I’ll beright backand I think I need such a big night ohwow so yeah I’m going to turn off thecamera and I’m going to take hey guys sowe are about to get the strawberries I’mgonna cut them up and we’re going to putthem on the pancakes Ohand so the pancakes are ready and thisis the final result and you’re all sothat I think already mentioned this butwe were going to put some strawberrieson top of them so yeah we’re gonna washthem and cut them up like my mom justsaved a screenshot of it or whatever soyou can make them at home if you want toJack and oh they also have a waltz awaffle recipe on the back so you wantpancakes or waffles here they are peoplepretty good[Music]now go get up playing yeah and thenyouhey guys so I just cut up the thestrawberries and bananas right theremy mom just put the bananas and a brownsugar the city’s making a fruit saladwe’re all ready to eat them so this isthe big review of our pancakes Bennettour pancakes bananas apples andstrawberries ready 3 2 1 so these arethe pancakes so that is our video don’tforget to subscribe and hit thatnotification bell see you in the nextvideo bye

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