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MAKING PANCAKES! To cheer myself up

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Video Transcription

hi guys guys it might be girls or boysI don’t think oh maybe objects maybeboys and girlsJeff gentlemen and girls ladies andgentlemen right here on stage I diefirst[Music]this is so cool guysoh I[Music]I don’t only have I don’t have one job Ihave three jobs to do don’t want me I’mgood yeah you go i wronged you step uptonight is high off the days hard afterthen go through a okay you do it afterit’s harder you it’s me okay I hope it’svery hardwait you come here wait how do you dothat oh my god how do I do thisthe boy oh that’s okay just put it therethat’s for the other flight oh oh waitlet me try to save it huh it’s nothiring when we sup buddy we just tosnuggle[Music]like you status garnished with the emptywas go about this and say my nameMackie’s a nice hard up sitting on alooming Sanders news attention salute byGasol okay just stay calmfine no deceit no just see great goesout to show the proof[Music][Music]I said no I have to do you say I have tobe like artists are going oh I see someby the heart was to eat after they getto me listen don’t playoh yeah me I can’t little it’s not justus but babbathere were ideas you know and I wishyou’re up what syrupI love market mister up this is hardcome on this is hard to do this okay

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