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Making pancakes (part 1)

I didn’t know what to do for a vid so I make pancake video!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

buzzing buzz you can mixin was
nominative a checker
nom onto the checker level a to connect
push those keys are split but first we
need to learn how to pitch Hey oh yeah
but bitch
aw no movies video useful chinese
nickname look at your home
it’s keep like me
where did you put it want to eat it
lychee mika-nee hop up in here all the
beauties you got don’t shake your cycle
movies natural beauties again yes
yeah yeah yeah yeah let’s shred a piece
off with that no need to flip this on my
printer now what did you know anything
I’m eating my own which way do you want
me to come over – that was a bubble show
oh yeah this is what this is the
question is why does every food bubbles
in it is it ready not Mannin the way
down above already
Rushton it all sure we were side we in
law just need a little party you
I think it’s ready now I just checked
they’re under a little bit okay now what
do I do if they’re done it’s done it’s
hard I see now you know that would even
come on commission wait you are doing up
I’ll be by push hard they not William
my children academically hey boo boo hey
guys I get it take chill on the feet no
chief Madonna oh um I saw the toughest
one meed mom a homo
is it that obvious well I get it that
wanna meet your mother by darkness

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