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Video Transcription

hey guys this is a Ben Sawyer this ismaybe my first video on this channel ifyou wanna follow me Instagram and B it’sall our Ben underscore 15 and Xbox wouldbe been dead monster eight eight six nowtoday I’m gonna be making some pancakesfor my first video and I’m gonna beusing bakers corner as you can see weretheir all-purpose baking mix all rightthat’s pretty sick so let’s get startedso I already applied the baking mix witha couple more ingredients I have to addfirst grace you can leave now all rightso two tablespoons of sugar so I got mysugar good there’s one juice and there’sthe other rightright next next one teaspoon of vanillaextractone tip of vanilla extract there’s abunch of chocolate and this scooper Ihave to get it outalright so we got that next one and 1/3cup of milk so I’ve got this take thisone in 1/3 to soul gonna stop when ithits 1 and 1/3 Hey alright now you’resimply gonna take this I’m gonna pour itin nicethey look goodalright next look the instructions onelarge egg so I’m gonna crack this daddyI’m just gonna wrap that baby right inthere take this egg and just win that you didn’t sink now I’m gonnaquickly wash my hands I’ll be right backin like one secall right though seems okay don’t needthis anymoresugar anymore now I need to mix so I’mgonna be mixing up the stuff now I justgot it all nice I need to blend it makesure it’s all good and goody so we’llshout out to my brother will lunch comemaking Paris well don’t you got me soyourselfI also has channel I’ll put a link tohis channel it’s almost gonna stir thisstuff up oh yeah nice and moistany of you guys out there have any uh itzips or any of you experienced youtuberswould like to share with me I love toknow because this is my first video I’dlike to just learn all rightnow I’m gonna have to uh just wash themgrapes real quick before and we might dothat in brisket I’m just gonna washthese grapes so I got to get the ballfor them go see all right let’s get anice wool put that not on those dirty isbe like right there that in the waternice and on and then just rinse themmmm-hmm all right now I’m gonna have toget some oil to spray it on but uh allright I gotta get set up for make thesepancakes oh excuse me just needed upit’s over here and change up my allright so I’m gonna get the stuff it’llbe one second now all I should havementioned this earlier you need topre-heat your skillet or whatever you’recooking them on to approximately 400degrees so that’s a still something thatyou said quite a while ago so I’m gonnabe getting I need to watch this gonnause it for milling also going to use itto drainall rightany mom black to spray the skillet withanything you can just answer life spraythe skill if anything all right yeahlet’s go it is very very not hotactually um second I need to just turnupon approximately 400 degreesso that may take a second to heat up butwe shall see how that works out so bearwith mewhat’s heating a fast all right got thisspread make sure it doesn’t stick allright all right I shall put the firstdose thisthat and one moremmm-hmm take that put it in there andlet it drain so we don’t waste any ofthe excess batter now it’s just a matterof waiting I’m not gonna stuff sometimesit gonna be a long process but right souh plug it in this video now you guysthe cooking will Poli take a while Imight uh probably resume it see whathappens but uh in any case thank you forwatching my first video and if you likethis video please just drop a like andif you’re willing to subscribe it wasn’tyou know it’s pretty good I think so ifyou enjoyed this video drop likesubscribe and I’ll see you guys nexttime on Ben’s ollars channel

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