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Video Transcription

[Music]hello my name is Laurie Perkins welcometo my 1880s farm kitchen with all thistalk of maple syrup and it’s spring herein Michigan I thought I would make somepancakesto have that yummy maple syrup on I premeasured two cups of pancake mix flourinto this bowl and I’m going to add twoeggs and the eggs are actually one duckegg and one chicken egg I have onedecade to make it fluffy and a nicechicken egg to put some color andtexture into the mix so I add that mixit up we’re gonna add now 2 cups ofwater and I have my 1 cup measure hereit doesn’t look like anything we wouldhave used to the 21st century but themeasurements are actually 2 1 cup youwant 1/2 a cup you can fill it halfwayif you want a quarter of a cup and youfill it a quarter of the way up so we’regoing to need 2 cups of water or milk ifyou have it here on the farm our cowshave not started to produce milk yet sowe’re going to be using water so 1 cupand 1 cup I guess we’re going to mixthat up basic ingredients found on thefarm here this is making a loose batteryou can see it’s already starting tobubble if you want some nice air intoour mix to make it fluffy so I’m justgonna stir it we don’t want to over stirour pancake batter but we do want to getsome of the big lumps out this will makeit’s actually a double batch so thiswill make probably a dozen medium-sizedkake’s you have a hungry crew on yourfarm this is the perfect recipe for youto do so the last ingredient is actuallyoil and you can use butter or maltedlard again for measuring if we want ateaspoon we just use a common teaspoonor a tablespoon we just use commontablespoon we want to include the oilinto our recipe and that would be fourteaspoons to give the pancake somecrunch on the outside so I have thatpre-measured there’s four teaspoons ofoil to fry up a good pancake you needyour good old cast iron skillet you wantto bring it up to temperature and youcan test that by placing your hand justabove the surface and when it gets alittle hot you’ll know it’s ready alsoyou’ll want to grease the surface andyou’re going to pour in about a half acup or so of your pancake batter nowyou’ll notice bubbles are starting toform on the surface this shows yourpancake is cooking the edge will want tofirm up before you flip it and oncethat’s ready we’ll we’ll try and give ita flip it looks like it might be closeto ready there we go[Music]

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