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Making Pancakes After Surgery

I found this footage on my phone one day later after my surgery which was to remove my wisdom tooth. Upon reviewing the material I found the existing video to be hilarious and thinking it was a good idea to upload to YouTube. If you enjoy this content please subscribe and hit the boom boom like stick for YouTube algorithm God’s can make magic happen

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

so yeah I recently got into Minecraft
but that’s besides the point so you need
some background so recently I got my
wisdom teeth removed and this video is
the aftermath of what I try to do while
being off medication so enjoy this video
alright guys I teach you guys to make
some pancakes so we got us
pancake mix beautiful
I bought this like one day you go I’m
gonna get the other ingredient which is
one cup of water and one egg I’ll be
hey um I don’t find the egg I must be
done I’m gonna be behind that white
okay I found the eggs jumbo eggs you
know mister nother light you know those
things heating up real nice real nice
you know now we need a saw measuring cup
with cup of water so we got us a
measuring cup top board makes these
amazing measuring cups so now we’re
gonna get a fork and mix it all together
see if I could do this I’m the lord of
the fire crack an egg one hand see if
it’s possible actually this is my
non-dominant hand so all right
nice nice
I got a egg Shawn there whoops I’ll
order and move eggshells you could use
the egg itself or I’ll use a spoon or if
you don’t care you just eat it like
calcium but it can’t eat hard thing get
there you go bagel now we’re gonna call
it our our mix
you know the pancake legs which is
mostly enriched flour with a mix of a
couple other things soybean oil so we
just pour some we don’t measure anything
it’s not really baking anything so if we
were baking a cake we would have to
measure it to the team okay that’s done
get us our water okay happy
now we just stir this together to be
honest I am 100% board and I need
content to upload on to my youtube
channel so today we’re making us some
pancakes so I’ll be back in a minute
after this thing has been mixed
thoroughly okay so with some magic I’ve
transported you into the future with the
mix now before anything you see probably
some things disappeared because you must
always keep your work station clean when
prepping anything after the fact so
we’re gonna get us a plate plate don’t
mind the bottle those are theirs they’re
recycling coming out I think today or no
it’s just that don’t even don’t even
stress about it
just put us a little bit of oil not too
much just enough
now we’re gonna pour our pattern I’m
only gonna cook one nice thing goes a
little bit too much no I like to spread
it out I like to make my pancakes very
thin should probably heat up your pan a
little bit more I left mine on low
because I wasn’t using it at the moment
but you’re gonna be using it in the
moment leave it on the medium
so I’ll instantaneously transport you
with magic in three two one flip okay
flip I think I flipped it too fast need
to cook a little bit more whatever
I’ll wait for the other side to be done
with and I’ll probably make another one
okay flip it over and cook to your
desire I usually eat pancakes with
either some honey or some maple syrup
some people like putting sugar and
well today I’m just gonna eat it with
some sugar not sugar oh honey which is
basically sugar all sugar more looks
like a like an omelet but I’ll probably
make one more I’m gonna put your oil
I’ll probably make this one really small
too for you mix that you mix here shoot
and then I’d like to spread it out
you know pancakes and a rise
you get them bubbles in there from air
bubbles and they start to rise I think
I’ll put a little bit too much oil and
it’s more like a fry like an fried egg
if you’re allergic to eggs don’t put
eggs then I don’t know how it tastes
without the egg but if you’re allergic
that’s what you got to do I need eggs
oh you could serve it up with a cup of
milk but I think I’m lactose intolerant
and I learned that the hard way yeah
let’s just say there was a lot of
sitting involved okay Oh
see if this one’s cook I’m assuming this
one’s cooked so let’s put it on top of
our last one serve up with a little bit
of honey not too much that’s a little
utensil let’s try it
don’t forget to turn off your stove
though nothing like some good ol fry
carbohydrates with sugar am i right
hopefully you enjoyed this video this
might be a one of one video I’ll
probably never make a video like this
ever again so I have to tell you guys
leave a thumbs up right yeah leave a
thumbs up and I don’t know unsubscribe
subscribe whatever these

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