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Making Pancakes 🥞

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Video Transcription

political play FINA it’s early Saturdaymorning and usually on the weekends welike to have one day we have pancakespretty question so just warning I’mgoing to take you with me to make somepancakes now for this you’ll need twoweeks to capsule flour two cups of milkand that’s it I’ve preheated my pan withsome oil in it and I like to have thatnice and hot first thing we’re gonna dois put two cups of flour into our mixerI had my measuring cup here now it’sonly a quarter of a cup but I know thatall quarters make one hole so I needfour of these to make one cup so intotal I’m gonna have just scoop 8 cupsof the size flour into my I’m going tohave 2 cups of milk into my flour I’vegot a big measuring cup for thatand[Music][Music][Music][Music]and I like to use a quarter cupmeasuring cup to scoop my mixture fromthe bowl into the pan because then I geta nice even pancakes every time I justscoop it make sure that there’s nothingdripping too much at the bottom and thenI try to quickly move it over here nowthe first one I do by itself just totest the heat of the pan and thenusually I might put about three in there[Music]you want to wait until you start to seesome bubbles forming on the top[Music]they have their nice bubbly creatures onthe top that looks about right so nowI’m going to flip it hopefully the otherside’s all golden perfect sometimes welike to add in some blueberry thismorning we’re just going to add in someblueberry so take a handful of frozenblueberries and just[Music][Music]right and then I’ll give it some butterand some maple syrup and then I’ll eatit a lotall right so we’re sitting down at thetable now eating our pancakes I’ve gotthe big oneJack has green one with some blueberrieson the side and like the night it’sthree blueberry pancakes so if you makesome of these pancakes take a photo andleave us nice I’d love to know how they

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