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Video Transcription

there’s something like that hi guys ohyeah today we’re making pancake recipeon how to do it I’ll give you a video onthat anyways do you want to record youwanna help um okayso we’re using butter on the hop give methe thing[Music]he’s gonna spread out too now[Music][Music]that’s so guys I wish I’m gonna have alook these are the pancakes and no I’mnot guys this but like it’s okay come inwith videos you guys want down below inthe comments I’ll make sure the commentsare on because everybody nopeturn them wait could you fill meflipping okay heremy god wow that looks so good guys sofar so goodwe just thinking about that her brotherKingfisherI don’t want to get copyright so likeanyways it it’s a pretty good batteryfirst one done she’s the one who made mebetter by the way so[Music]what’d he say[Music][Music][Music]you got anything speed hopefully thatdoesn’t go in without the pancake[Music]okay now what number it’s just you thatwouldn’t be a good go but then I’m gonnakeep on holding wait whatever we justhold on guys let me say you guys anywaysI’m not sure you guys the toppings ineverything that’s just a little blog Idon’t know over here[Music]yeah yeah it’s gonna steam go Tommy moveit now here yes we washed our handsbefore doing this okay my mom would notlet us do this if we didn’t wash herhandsmm-hmm you can only make a couple morelike this is probably the last batchyeah this is this one more and okaythat’s the last one probablydaddy guess what you forgot a sub songno I wasn’t look at what she was gonnapick up guys look at what she’s gonnapick up a little thing better creationwe’re gonna put stop that’s gonna be toomuchnow you always on her face time peoplethis room hopperscome indoors I’m the bloody girl todayall right hot is hot baby it’s make thebiggest chain on topoh my life you want me to flip it I’mgonna put your phone I’ll record from noone so gave this is a lot of pancakesthat we made home let me show them wemade a whole ton of them I know theydon’t stick too bright but I mean okayyeah I’m stuck them up right there yougo anyways that’s like a little you knowmorning routine okay my team and I havea lot of best cousins series huh she’sgonna hit me[Music]that’s the peanut vendor yeah she saidno I just even livin it up in my shirt[Music]ok-ran apart things away and then when Ihave the toppings or whatever you wantto call them all oh come back T nicebecause we have everything organizedrate you know chata if they’re curiousanyways here’s a plateoh you forgot cool okay here no I don’treally like have to well whatever okaythere’s some lame if you guys want therecipe it’s my mom saw the videos it’sreally good I’m gonna make a chaircomment down below here like withcheddar if you guys know what that isthat is you look so small that good toknow that you know imma get one and thenmushy Rene stirs and I just feel likethat I’m gonna have to put the sidethings because I named some like this ahwait guess what and I barely realizedand I might have to putyou know like where you can’t see thefull screen like the sides because Ifelt like this mom upset I might have todo that I’m sorry I’m so sorry I keepforgetting that comment down if my buddyare tiny cakes bro yeahthis year I’m saying comment down belowcomment down below comment down belowand like this video make sure yousubscribe make sure you tune yourpersonal begins it’s on make sure youshare this videomake sure you do all that good stuff forshout out follow my goshoh yeah follow I took talks hey I meanI’m gonna do a shout out and I’m gonnaput you guys up on the screen right herewhoever subscribe to me I’ll put yourrecipe okay sounds like us cooking butyeah anyways bye guys thank you guys forwatching and yeah make sure you do allthat good said before and it’s been anamazing time in the meantime I’m gonnatry to feel more often because I how doyou do yeah[Music]

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