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Making pancake!

In this video i will be making pancake!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello everyone and today I’m gonna bemaking um Patrick so you can take youeat two eggs you need you need 1/2 litreof milk and then you need also flourknead flour to what I have deciliter andthen you need also soft little bit sothe first step we’re gonna put that eggsin you’re gonna crack the eggs eggs inthereand we’re gonna add Missy I’m be surethere’s no Straus in him okay and ournext step now it’s the milk oh so justlike pour half or the whole thing I’llput the whole thing[Music]okay yep so that was half that was halfliter of Laos and now you got to mix itup yep I’ll be pouring this littleflower and by the way you need flour twoand a halflet me just pour it in there and thenmix it up[Music]they really need to mix it up like sogood I’m gonna come back when I afterI’m done mixing okay all right so Imixed this up there’s not supposed to belike old this kind of crimes there and Ijust noticed that you had to like putlittle by little that’s like Oh weeklylike I did I do you know but they don’tthe check and by the way this pancakeis like from this is finishedtraditional food by Selena CarolinaDallas Albanian traditional food butthis is finished traditional food and bythe way if you want to like to live in asafe country then a fit lines the mostsafest country no moreno nothing dangerous but let’s continueso now you need a sugar just a littlebit you know so I get basically like oneteaspoon sugar like this much you dip itin and I need to mix it up again youdon’t have to mix the exactlyokay and then we need to put little bitsoft sounds maybe weird but you needsalt so yes that’s a little bit thenyou’re gonna mix it up again okay and itlikes really bubbly and then you have topour it on here it’s pretty small now wegonna pour it I’m gonna take this thingover with eggs and now for this a evenlyit’s pretty cool hmm still a little bitleft okay I think that’s enoughand now that’s it now you just gotplayed an oven so I’m gonna grab my ovengloves and I’m gonna show you guys whenI put it in the ovenoh my gosh so I have my gloves Oh lookslike boxing gloves kind ofyou gonna come okay maybe actually backto you gonna open up yep hot enough inthe grab life[Applause][Applause]good so that job is done now and yeahyeah wait until this is donethat’s pancake[Music][Music][Music]all right now the pancake is finallydone and it was the whole time in 200degrees and it was for 20 minutes in allright so now it’s time to take it outall right so that job is done now we gotthe pancake you know it’s a pancake it’sready now so we’re gonna I’m gonna letit to cool down and then we’re gonna eatit with Jam or sugar stay end of thisvideo make sure to hit the like buttonand subscribe and turning those postnotifications and I’ll see you guys nexttime bye

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