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Make the best EasyMix Classic Pancakes | Easy Bake

In this episode we are making the most delicious Classic pancakes, using Snowflakes EasyMix. All you have to do is follow the easy instructions on the packaging, measure out the quantities you need and mix it all together.
really hope you enjoy the video and in the process make the most delicious pancakes. most importantly is to always have fun whilst doing so.

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]hi guys I’m back and today we are goingto make some lovely pancakes and what weare going to need for this break it’spancake easy mix and where you can dipthis is add any sharp line with theseyou can pay or a sparbut if you live overseas you can justget it a shot in your vibe okay we’realso vanity and with two extra largeeggs feeding rows of olive oil 1 literof water and a mixer okay so let’s getstarted the first thing we’re going todo is we’re going to put the pancake mixinto a mixing bowl[Music]and happy with your consistency just fitand[Music]I they said I’m going to use a and theytoothless just study that I can make theprocess easier and[Applause][Music][Music][Applause]so now we’re going to like 30 minutesjust say that understand and you can ifyou want to you can benefit organize Ican’t really write back okay so I mademy batter sit and I’ve got a little bitof oil in my pan just say that it canget warm but just make sure you don’tand make you pad too hot okayand it depends on how did you pass ithow much value great hey sorry I’m late[Music]so at the moment I’m using and a hundredmils but you can use how muchokay so we’re just going to be some newthe H[Music][Applause]okay so and we have a cinnamon and sugaryeah you can put as much as you like onface on your face[Music]is you’ll see all various battles and ifit’s done you can you’ll see the bubbleswill start to stop[Music]we’re going to[Music][Music]and inside I don’t have a and pancakepan so I’m just using a normal pot butif you have a pancake pan[Music]I had so much fun making these pancakesand the only thing if to do is to trythem[Music]leave a like and subscribe and leave acomment down below if you enjoyed it asmuch as I did and hopefully I’ll see youguys next time[Music]

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