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Make pancakes with me! Things to do during quarantine (pt. 2)

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Wassup guys it’s me Fiona and I’m BACK with another video . Today I showed you all how to cook pancakes at home. This is something you can try out while sitting at home right now. I really hope you enjoyed the video and if you do enjoy it then make sure to give it a big thumbs up and also subscribe!

Thank you so much for watching. Until next time stay safe , stay super!

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Video Transcription

hello everyone and welcome back to mychannel[Music]so for today’s video I’m actually goingto be doing something I never imaginedChannel and I actually never thought Iwould which is cooking yes today I’mgonna be cooking I’m the worst cook everwe all know that we’re all in quarantinewhich means staying at home practicallynot going out and you can do whateveryou want but inside our home so it’slike a very boring time for me because Iliterally have like nothing to do sotoday I decided to do some cooking sinceit’s my first time cooking in thischannel so I decided to go easy and I’mgoing to start off with pancakes todayI’ll actually be making pancakes andpancakes that’s good actually they’re areally easy recipe so I don’t think I’llneed to explain much but yeah I thinkwithout any further ado we should getstarted all the ingredients so let’s getstarted but here is the tree that I’mgoing to be using the first thing you’llneed is all-purpose flour and you wantto take half a cup of that followed by ateaspoon of baking powderremember I said the baking powder andnot baking sodafollowed by a quarter of a cup of sugarand this is actually not mandatory thatyou have to add a quarter cup it’s afuture reference I actually like mypancakes to be really sweet sided aquarter cup but you can make add as muchas you want it depends on yourpreference external mixthese ingredients togetherafter mixing them up you wanna make alittle hole in the middlelike sohere we’re gonna add an egg and aquarter of a cup of milk remember youcan always add more milk if your Badgerisn’t liquidy enough next you’re gonnaadd a tablespoon of melted butter thelast step is to mix them all togetherhere you can see my batter is allliquidy and perfect so I think you knowwe can go and bake itI am back with my pancake pancake Iactually like added a butter on top ofit but it seems to get my chicken peltedcan you guys see I hope you guys canlike can you see like the broad bottlereference here yeah actually I gotmelted it’s like too hot here but Ialways like my pancake with honey evenbetter there is like maple syrup Iactually don’t have my chemicals at homeright now but I would definitely add itso I’m just gonna go with a little bitof honey not much obviously becausemoney can sometimes green the test caseto select I’d go with four drops hereand there and yeah that’s itso obviously I’m gonna do a little testthe sugar was enough everything wasenough so then that was my pancakerecipe like the way I actually makepancake it might differ to you maybesome people actually like to separatethe egg yolk from the egg white and thenjust you know with them you knowdifferently they whisk them and thenthey add them but I actually don’t do itbecause I’m like number one too lazy forthat number two my pancakes tastesreally good without doing it so there’slike no point okay so that was it fortoday’s video I will hope you enjoyed itif I didn’t enjoy it thank you make sureto give this video a big thumbs up andplease subscribe down below that’ll makeme happy and you also be able to seemore of the videos that will becommitting future and yo guys pleasecomment down below if you just fashionyou have because I am like mine everyidea what to say[Music]travel this planet recipe and let meknow also stay safe[Music]

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