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Make pancakes with me and my dad

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel soin today’s video I’m with my dad againand everyone today so you know we’regoing to be making pancakes so yeahwithout further ado let’s go on thevideoI’m just gonna like move the camera thiswaythree cups of mix I I didn’t I wasn’teven done talking and you you’ve startedgoing okay you seem to three cups ofthis that’s two cups a okay an excuse myshirt I know it’s cute that they tasteit was my dad that’s what you saying itliterally says fry yeahI’m filming yeahpancakes you don’t want to be myeducator but how many cups one actuallybetter to mix a little fevergood okay so what’s this cinnamon sugardo you usually that’s a lot of cinnamonsugar you don’t usually put cinnamonsugar in it yeah it’s much yeahoccasionally maple sugar – why would youadd cinnamon sugar that’s disgusting ohyou said in the pancakes Rach that givesme the flavor you like what flavor thesweetnessgives it a little sweetness to itcinnamon is not sweet cinnamon sugar issweet cinnamon you should ask your wifethat she’s not here yeah cuz she’supstairs bed you’re the one who’s havingtrouble with your words okay eyes Ialmost forgot we were filmingoh it’s done we’re gonna do the cameratoo many tags good so we don’t have themistake of hard boiled eggs so guys wehave the pancake[Music]okay now we’re gonna let it sit backback and we have a ladle this is Komalor am i messing up in a thousand yearsokay so apparently this is really hot Iknow the worms Warrenwhere’s the actual lifethese are very smallbatter is chunky that the batter ischunky hunkychocolate chips who said Nasik womenhave got a lot of chocolate chips in itsorry I misspokeokay guys so I’m gonna do it nowwhere’s the holeor that is eveningPeolaI’ll be back when it’s ready to flipalright guys um I accidentally broke itsback to us that’s my oh those are theseare better this one the chocolate chippepper Andrew oh my god they smell likeburnt houseoh my yeah nice job dad it’s not myfaultOh your fault well cleanse me all nowbaking with me is usually you fail anddie Andrew anyways guys that’s it forthis video because it turned out to be amajor fail I saw you guys in tomorrow’svideo bye

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