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Make pancakes with Evangelina

Watch this video to learn how to make delicious pancakes at home

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Video Transcription

[Music]22 Happy Easterand it getting me to this channel smashthat subscribe button and hit let’s getalmost tasted school pancakes for makingthem you will need milk boyo I preferthe chosen foods avocado oil you’ll needsome kind of flourI prefer Bobby said maril of pancake mixfor the tools you’re gonna use you’regonna use a 1 cup measuring cup I preferto also use my stuff you see oh and alsoyou’ll need a big bowl like this so thatjust magically first while you’re makingthe year battle you’ll have to turn thestove on to about 4 I used to do onelastevil for pancakesstep 1 you will need 2 cups of Bob’s RedMill mix well any flour you want it Ialready got some help but because itwould be a bit too hard for me to do itin this video step 2you will need to grab wait oh if youactivate a few magically switched placesbut you’ll need to crack two eggs justlike we did in my safe side up tutorialbut it doesn’t matter if the yolk willcrack so same as we did in the othertutorial I had mmm without the thumbtouching that’s it you’ll have to make apretty big clap so that you can put twofingers[Music]and access me my oak survivedstep three for pancakes you’ll have toget this and you will have to put onespoon of oil weight was badass my eyesmeet creepilyokay that’s rude that’s somethingalcohol we step forward you’re ejected3/4 of a cup of milk two timesstep 5 now that all the ingredients arein we can start flexing so I have I gota lot of help from my mom to makesetting the budget you can also ask yourparentsit’s pretty hard to mix out the cropsnow when you’re done you have to getyour handle bit closed[Music]you’ve gotta places get your head wellget a bitch over the pinion put itflavor strength might be a bit hard butwhen you get the hang of it it’s nothome at allhere’s one more be careful not to spillany a lot onto the mat and you’ll haveyou know well every single like maybetwo minutes just reminding everybodythat it’s a daddy when you see that’salready a bitchjust like a bit of a dog you can put itunder and small ones so I’m using aspatula be careful with the oilit might splash you in the first coupletimes as you trypancakes the first times I tried makingpancakeslet’s flashed me kind of a lot and justbecause have a kind of penis foodislands with the oil then one gets toknow youoh stop like right now it’s not evensplashing I heard it splash someone elsebut noalso when you’re gonna flip it the onesthat everybody flip lift put them to theside that’s where the other one saysmore spaced all of this I learned withmy momyep good wine sit down I will need aplate and then one egg then you cancrack it on both sides like this it’seasier with a spatula and a night wellhe’s that’s where I think there’s a niceteam goal on the bottom and thisstructure we can hold it up on the topsome people like to use just two knivesbut I think that’s way[Music]now I have to try please not make themfull and have to try to make my no farmtaste testit’s goodcolder you should definitely try thisokay and do it hope you want somethingnew and hope you can share this videowith your friends also these are somemaps and like button and make sure toturn on those notifications if youhaven’t already and make sure the Travis

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