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Make Almost Prefect Pancakes with Mary

Mary from our Reference department (Hickory Corner) shows you how to make an almost perfect pancake.

Here is the recipe:
1 cup pancake mix (non-complete)
1 cup whole milk
1/4 cup oil
1 egg
butter for pan

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi I’m Mary from the Hickory Cornerbranch and today I’m going to show youhow to make almost perfect pancakesstart this is the type of pan I likedon’t use non-stick pans for pancakes[Music]I’m using pancake mix not the completekind the traditional ol milk oil I’musing canola you can also use vegetablereally any oil except olive oil butterand an edge the proportions that I useare one cup of pancake mix 1 cup of milk1/4 cup of oil and 1 egg butter that weuse so let’s start I I put theingredients in my measuring bowl and I’mgoing to stir it I don’t like to use anelectric mixerI think they the pancakes cups rightaround the pan when you mix by hand so Ihave my milk and my pancake mixand the oil all while I’m preheating thepan I’m turning the heat down to aboutmedium just make sure it’s thoroughlymixed but no need sometimes it gets alittle smoky now I always need topractice pancake so put some right inthe middle that’s what it should soundlike a nice sizzle and what you’relooking for is those hilt the holes tonot fill in see us they pop right nowthey’re filling in that means it’s notquite done we’re waiting for those holesto not fill in and you’ll see that thebutter is getting brown around the edgethat’s okay all right some of them arenot showing it I’m gonna stay for alight or a practice pancake that is finewhip it overand then you’re going to spread itaround because this is what will giveour pancakes the even look that we likealright so the practice pancake is doneput that aside we don’t need more butterright now that’s what’s spreading deadwe need to pour it sounds real pancakeswhen I was young my dad taught me how tomake pancakes but over the years I’vetweaked the method a bit to make thepancakes the way my family likes themjust gonna turn the flame down andpancakes go very quickly so you don’twant to walk away and make coffee oranything like that I’m going to check mypancake because it’s the holes are notfilling in I’ll start with this one okaythat means dark the way my husband likesit that one’s lighter the way mydaughter Katrine the videographer likesdepth and dark darkest from my oldestdaughter so we’ll give them anotherminute on this side and then we’ll takeit offkeeping an eye there we go one for eachperson and we’ll continue another onewhat I want to do now is put a littlemore butter on the pan and then use mypractice pancake to spread the Bible anddip that nice squeeze and finish and nowI’m ready to pour batter for three morepancakesI want to make sure they don’t judge sowhen you’re pouring allow for spacebetween the pancakes when you first pouryou stop before they get too closebecause it will spread just waiting forthose bubbles to not fill inyou’ll see that the larger ones usuallytake a little longer to cook than thesmaller ones sometimes I also like tomake silver dollars in cakesit’s my dadthis one looks ready that’s the way Ilike it the silver dollar will makelight have a great day

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