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Video Transcription

welcome to Ethan’s makeup videos enjoylike and subscribe to this video thankyouhi guys so today we are going to makepancake as you can see so first day andwe are going to we are going to pour thepancake mixture and here okay I know weevery is going to pour the pancakemister into the ball okay now we needwater and these two cups so now now I amgoing toyou guys don’t worry remember what Isaid remember what I said wait I guessit’s like this to wateryyou can add more out the pancake misterif you want okay no no no anything putit back you got to put Pam in in the potthe frying pan no no in a frying panething[Music]okay I knew my dad so oh okay right herehat you turn it and it has to be aroundfour but but make sure your parents dothis for you don’t and don’t touch theoven and that’s your parent s yeah asyou already know my dad is here so youcan Hollywood have six that only need oxcan do yeah so everyone he put that insync you guys couldn’t sink Amy beforeyou get all on the ground okaythey stop we’ll break it afterwards it’sokay that’s a big pancake okay come backwelcome to part two of how to makepancakes the first one we forgot to tellyou is part one how to make pancakes somy dad is gonna come and put thepancakes into the plateI love and you guys do not touch the panbecause I can’t um okay okay I can burnyou and especially last time let’s havea Silver Spur the super part around nowaroundduh-duh hi and it’s very hot you canburn your parents to help you with thatpart[Music][Music][Music]we do later is on the bottom money thendon’t worry it’s not Syria but zeroSyria it’s not caught Syria it’s goodcheer up you guys just watch 0 / 0 yeahI knowso by God I hope you enjoy this videobunnies girls of thumbs up and subscribeto this video byeyou

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