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Learn how to make pancakes with Krishay

In this video Krishay makes pancakes of all different shapes if you enjoyed their video make sure to give it to a thumbs up and subscribe for more fun content.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

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16 Replies to “Learn how to make pancakes with Krishay

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  4. Hi Krizz , I have had this happen be you came up as a channel that I’m not subscribed to ,YouTube is up to it again so glad I noticed. Hope you are well great to see you my friend, great video hugs from me & Bill :)) be safe

  5. moms are the once who bakes for us. now is the time to give back. giving back the love they showed us.

  6. wow naman ang sipag naman ng dlawang girl na to marunong sila mgbake..same pretty face pa..cute ng mga cookies

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