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Learn How to Make Homemade Blueberry Pancakes

Learn How to Cook Homemade Blueberry Pancakes with Mr. Holloway. At the same time your using math and your knowledge of fractions!
Whoever said we don’t use math in real life?

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Video Transcription

it’s like 9 o’clock almost and kind of away of the world right now with ourpandemic and our staying at home that wekind of get up a little later andnormally I would start this next recipeby just adding water to the premix butno and give me a little hint aren’t Ione of my making this morning I wouldjust add water to the pancake mix but Iwant to show you how to make themhomemade in case you know you’re out ofpancake mix or you want to just go upthat extra level where it’s just alittle bit better when you make yourpancakes yourself but in general yeahyou can go out and buy your Raley’sbrand pancake waffle mix it’s prettycheap and you just add water and it’spretty darn good but if you want to doyour pancakes a little fancy you came tothe right place we’re gonna do blueberrypancakes this morning and I’m gonna showyou some of the goodies that we’re gonnaput in here we’re gonna put use ourmeasuring cups so here it comesfractions we have a quarter cup thirdcup half cup full cup this is alwaysusually the set that how they come we’regonna use our teaspoons and tablespoonswe’re gonna use our measuring the realcup itself here if we need it and we’regonna mix in these ingredients heremelted butter 1/3 cup we’re gonna put in2 cups of flour and I’ll put this on ourwebsite we’re gonna have a quarter cupof sugar granulated sugar here’s themagic stuff that makes your pancakesrise the baking powder we’re gonna use 4teaspoons of that there’s salt added tothis 1/2 teaspoon 2 eggs and the milk isa half one and a half cups of milk andthen finally our blueberries big oldplump blueberries we’re gonna mix themall in a bowl in a moment and we’regonna cook them on mr. Holloway’s fancylittle griddle I got here it’s reallynice for making great pancakes andgrilled cheeses and cooking fish and ifyou don’t have a griddle like thisthat’s ok justuse one of your skillets you’ve gotaround the house okay so in a moment allstart it all right here we’re gonnastart off with the dry first so it saystwo cups of flour so there’s one fullcup and you may run short here as itbags about empty oh he’s got another oneso two cups of flour okay a little bitmore you top it off like that there wego two cups flour sugar quarter cupbring in our quarter cup measurer sis soon the back of these cups aremeasurements usually quarter cup sugarbaking powder teaspoons that’s what I’mlacking we’ll come back in a moment I’llmeasure the teaspoon four teaspoons ofbaking powder you level them off one twothree four and a half teaspoon so thesecome in different measurements here froma quarter teaspoon and then it becomes ateaspoon and then a tablespoon that’s abig guy tablespoon with the big tea inyour measurements so we’re gonna getfind a 1/2 teaspoon of saltwe’re gonna beat this well together I’mgonna add my milk milk is one and a halfcups so go back to our measurement hereput the 1 cup get the half cup readystir in those ingredients like I said todo I’m wondering 1/2 cups of milk we’regonna add the third cup of melted butter[Music]and you just kind of cool stir all ofthat in there and it’s gonna make reallynice mix okay then we’re gonna put thison the griddle and then I’m gonnasprinkle the blueberries on top and I’llshow you how that goes in a moment Ialmost forgot to beaten eggs 1 2 X andthen beat that in there really good okayshould color your mix just a little bitand this is a lot of pancakes for thisone guy my wife as well keep stirringthat mix those are mix you can see thenice consistency I stirred around theedges so it’s all rather than well Iprobably stirred for about I don’t know20 30 seconds okay I got my griddlereally good and hot and as you’ve seenthroughout my cooking videos it’s areoccurring thing you have to have yourpans andreally hot so I’m gonna move this overI’ve already sprayed on it sometimes youmay want to do this get a little canolaoil vegetable oil spray and just sprayit on here and get rid of being kind ofloose stuff so the pancakes have a niceflat clean surface and they won’t stickand I’m going to take my ladle andpancake mix right on thereI like I’m kind of mid-sized and I liketwo of them so they’re just a nice youknow size it fits you plate well andthen quickly add your blueberries sokind of fun you can make a smiley facehow much fun is that just smile a littlemore okay he’s not the prettiest guy butthat’s fun maybe add some cheekbonesjust bite into that pancake and cut theblueberry part look it’s okay alright sowe cook these they’ll probably takeabout mmm 45 seconds or a minute on oneside on my griddle and you can see it’salready brown under there so I’m aboutto flip them alreadyfrom the bubble star cannot be startingto see real close you see the bubblesthat means it’s getting cooked on theother side I like to check it okay ifyou like him puffy you just let him kindof do the natural action till they startoff very flat and they’re getting like adome they’re puffing up really nicethat’s the baking powder mix that itcreates that ability to fill with airand puff up so you know air pockets inthe food the cook flour pops out nice soagain probably about 30 seconds maybe isall yes so this is the blueberriessplattered in you can see here butter onthem or you dance and I’m a log-cabinbrand any of those are great to put onany blueberry pancakes so let’s get thison there I like to do just a littlecorner at a time I put some blood butteron there the American Heart Associationisn’t gonna like how much butter I puton a little butter and moderations goodbut not too much okay first bite isalways the besthmmm so much better than the mix reallykids try this recipe I’ll give you theingredients and the measurements useyour fractions it’s so much betterhomemade[Applause]

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