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Japanese Souffle Pancakes using Pancake Mix | How to make fluffy pancakes at home this Quarantine

How to make fluffy Japanese souffle pancakes at home using pancake mix (or from scratch). Join me in today’s aesthetic cooking home cafe vlog, featuring this fuwa fuwa pancake!


These past few weeks, I’ve been trying my hands at making Japanese souffle pancakes. It took me a lot of failed pancakes before I got it right~ So today, let me share with you how to make fluffy Japanese souffle pancakes! I used pancake mix for this as flour and baking powder are hard to get these days. However, if you don’t have pancake mix at home but have flour, you can still make this yummy treat!

I hope you enjoy and find today’s home cafe vlog informative (or entertaining, at the very least)! Thanks for watching and always stay happy and healthy!

See you on next video,
Sumi 🌸


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