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Inspired by Rhea Y – Do Laundry, Make Pancakes & Curry, Relax with Me

Happy Avocuddles 🥑🥑🥑💜🔮🦄! It has been awhile! I sincerely hope all of you are doing well.

I feel like I have been traversing across so many dimensions in the past weeks – finding and centering myself, working on the energetic vibrations of myself, family lineages, investments and contributing to the collective efforts to dismantle the “new world order” timeline by holding the highest vibrations in the point zero timeline of neutrality, keeping occupied with my 9 to 5, and nurturing my romantic relationship.

Amidst all, I am so thankful to be able to nest on our property filled with so much nature, peace and inspirations. I am so thankful to be in a time and space to create something from the depth of my soul and hear, infused with fun, creativity and who I truly am. .

I am going to keep applying and reapplying myself alongside with the cosmic flow till my vision comes into fruition in the physical realm. .

Thank you for taking time to spend time with me and my content. Let us continue to go inwards and find that infinite – light, peace, alignment from within. Let us give ourselves the permission to feel complete, happy, loved, and enough from this moment and onwards as we go through the process achieving we wanted! .

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Music: Ice Tea
Musician: Not The King.👑

Music used:
Love Story by Jonny Easton
Check out his channel

Original of the video here

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