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Inay Street Episode 2 :making pancakes

Having fun in the kitchen making pancakes and Yorkshire puddings

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello welcome to e nice street it’s anice Street take ed welcome you all to anice straight welcome to the kitchenwe’re making friend eggsthat’s all you need is a flower jug ormixing bowl a Dolly’s in the party Craythen you juggling your eggs no notreallyyou crack your eggs in your eggs go yourchoice of exit cameraman and you go youthrow everything away you gotta be niceand clean tiny not messy pony come afterme you find some nice clean rag and wipeyou side down and it makes it sound onthe camera and mix it together to get toanother bluey consistency must be gluingpieces to see you didn’t see the bigwith eggshell in there did youyou’re not made to get eggshell thoserelate that’s fine no meeting eggshellin the mixture you spin it around asgris-gris consistencya little pepper wasn’t getting yet againit was pepper the cat not me not putpepper in here in your better feelingsover together you make a nice slightlythini thing type of better you mix itall out blocks the mixing required thatmight be a thin batter that little bitmore very heavy he’s good to keepanimals out of the kitchen to make surethe kitchens nice and healthy and nowI’m ready too much flour mix old inthere likely be glue consistence againAbby challenge can I say baby good inthis short video[Applause]yeah there is no oil but a little bitcold to this let it warm up what are youdoing that the good thing and wellpancake mixes it also makes goodYorkshire puddings so you get you watchyour pudding trail which is right amuffin tin you get some oil spread itaround very quickly and you can fillthis up at the same time hope if youlook burning your pancake just half fullshould not be enough and I can go in theoven for 30 minutes and it should all bedone and then we’re gonna try somethingreally new we can see we can do reallysmall Yorkshire pudding which may or maynot work and these are the ones at Eddiecage for a nice LD leg in thePhilippines called naas whether it’s a lovely gorgeous goodsee if they weren’t enoughokay thanks on a frying pan by the wayyou put your cue put them down quicklydo this you put your Yorkshire puddingsin the oven to cook for 20 or 30 minutesdepend on what there is copper examplesof I prefer my payment in theco-founders and we cook no 20 30 minutesand we’re bringing a light in it nowit’s over to the pancake there you golet me go about serving you a quickfridgeere we go three two one Hey Girish laoff you go into the next sidewhy are you getting excited face you putyour other on until you create you lookand then goes on if you like to get aplate that when no it hasn’t helped isin the kitchen you can serve up apancake will tree get on there you willjam on there or have personal favoriteis Nutella okay that’s all for guy’shead make pancakes we come back in 20 30minutes time and we will show you hellyeah Yorkshire puddings gone especiallythe mature ones so come back soon andhere we have the finish result wonderfulYorkshire puddings ready to begin with abit gravy or better burner with a jam orwhatever you want to put on them you caneat him as my our seven we a Sundayroast and phoneit’s goodbye for me nice tree boyeverybody

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