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I’m making pancakes


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Video Transcription

guys and I will make it pancake I knowyou didn’t see my hand like thatbecause I had to cetera murky Hey okayso we’ll need pancake mix e8 1 cup ofwater yeah 1 cup in a bowl and mix upwhat today you could use any kind ofmixer and mix up pan I would rise you touse this oneor if you’re lazy yeah we’re just gonnado that before it gets messy and look ittadanow they’re just made for water[Music][Music][Music]okay Maura do you need more guys yeahyeah Mon in ground cinnamon I just wantone episode and we’re gonna get readyand if you want when the French replacedI’m gonna finish with this you could goback with this video you can go back andmake another pancake I meanwe cooked pancakes on the pan on thestoveokaybut it’s goodgonna fancy so it depends it’s alreadygonna be like a bubble where I got towalk the way for you tell you guyssomethingnever ever ever[Music]right now I’m going to show you a quickreview looks like now just wait here[Music]almost like it’s fine if you go backmake another one rewatchit just needs a baked floor alright sowe are goingflip the pancakes ooh when we think it’sready which not now so long YouTube Iknow I may climb you to room for todaymy dad bought me this thing I can liftI’m not even holding the yeah so youcould get these ready well it’s readythere we go pancakesarticles so that’s the end of ourpancakes to you see you next time Oh seeyou next time bye

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