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How u make a taco pancake

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Video Transcription

hey everybody this is how you makepancakes let’s goRoger Cobb we got them actually distanton how you make pancakes this is how youmake my worst enemy that is taco tacoget them in 1 minute and we just liketwo mics two legs for my dad’s placewith you I gotta check that it’s readysorry to say that but people um twopeople watched it and they in it it’sprobably one of my friends but like yeahtaco pancakes are gonna be goodI think you know my thermos picture ooh[Music]dan what school it’s ready it’s 2:20[Music]everybody gets that pie okay put thatminute I’ll be right backKandra can I call you Brito okayI’m Nick I need to go to the bathroom[Music]yeah okay let me just get the pin anddrop it’s nothingtonight okay I’m gonna gets please don’thurt me yeah hundred don’t get mad I’mRico[Music][Music]couple rights you just get some thereit’s okay if you touch your own like youfeel like your IQ feel like like thisvideo if you like penguinssubscribe if you like waffles I don’talways put some more inside Rob stillwon’t be a normal taco do not do this athome okay now get that book you got upput it with the butterJudis at home but don’t do the butterthing put these awayI’m not I’m sure we know how to make atalk okay when you do thatget this do that cool it’s one yeah itfalls out that’s funwell that’s the second one and that’sthe perfect act I make a top see youguys right here tacos but going back inthe sky

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