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How to make the best Banana Pancakes | Fluffiest Banana Pancakes

This video will show you how to cook the best and most fluffiest Banana Pancakes. This is a super easy recipe essentially only containing 2 main ingredients bananas and eggs along with a small amount of baking powder and flour.

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Video Transcription

I’ll gonna teach you guys how to makesome banana pancakes I put a little bitof peanut butter and powdered sugar onme I didn’t have no syrupI put some butter on it too but I didn’thad no sería which was kind ofdisappointing of course you’re gonnastart with the bananas two of them peelthem slice them up put them over intothe bowl and give them a nice smash andpeeling them from the bottom is the bestway cuz that’s how the monkeys be doingit so you should do it too just try ithuh I don’t even know if that’s like athing though it probably is but you justsmash it up use a fork until you get anice and smooth consistency like so nextwe get it go in there with two eggswhole eggs whole yolk whole whiteeverything I couldn’t crack it on onehand but I could right there two eggsone egg per bunny on it and if you wantesther if you want to decrease theincrease to the recipe so you just wantto use one banana just use one egg allright what’s that up until it’s nice andsmooth into there goes a tablespoon ofbaking soda and then 1/4 cup of flourmix that up real well again and this isgonna be the sort of consistent she wantthe pancake consistency you want and Imean you could add in some sugar all Ihave is some powdered sugar but to mebananas already sugar enough but youprobably want to add sugar so goingthere’s like a tablespoon twotablespoons of sugar into a nonstick pancheck out the pan shots on my cousin hegot to me for Christmas that was a whiteelephant Secret Santa internet goesbuddy heat it up and just melt thebutter all over the pan and usually whenI do it I don’t use this spatula or thewooden thing I you just try like play agame and I see if I could cover thewhole pan just by like tilts in the panyou know I’m saying well that’s hard youlike your camera no I mean but I’m gonnago ahead and use 1/4 cup measuring thingto scoop the pancakes so I could getapproximately the same size and I meanyou just scoop it on if you want perfectcircles and you get like pour itperfectly but I think is better it givesmore kick to when they’re not perfectcircles so just went on plat bling forpancakesOh banana pancakes and you just gonnakeep that on like a medium medium-highmedium heat until you see some bubblesform on the top before that you don’twant the pancakes to stick to each otherof course unless you want like somesunlight stuck together pancakes I guessbut just break them apart real quick youknow that one wasn’t really I justwanted to make sure it was like notsticky so you know go ahead break themapart you don’t want to be all onepancake unless you do you could dowhatever you want to be honest go aheadcheck to check out nonstick your penniesshe was on fire and I almost like Ialmost combine them into one pancake yousaw once you see a little bit of bubbleslike that you can go and go ahead andgive a a flip and then they’re done inlike a few half a minute and like if youjust like your pancakes like brownishnot like kind of like mine and I likeI’m like kind of crispy but kind of rawin the middle and you can just adjustlike your heat go lower heat but I likeit like this so this is how I did it putit onto the plate play it up a nicestack of pancakes I had enough foranother one I took the two but there putsome syrup somebody you got bananapancakes yes

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