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How to Make Souffle Pancakes at home easy

Easy to Make Souffle Pancake, one of the must try recipe to make at home.

1 egg yolk
10ml milk
5ml vegetable oil
15g ap flour
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 egg white
23g sugar
1tsp lemon juice

1. Mix egg yolk with milk, oil. Then add flour and vanilla extract to mix well and set aside.
2.Whip egg white with hand mixer. Add half portion of sugar, whip again. Then add another half portion of sugar and lemon juice whip it till fluffy.
3.Take 1/3 of fluffy whipped egg white mix to method 1. Mix well.
4. Mixer of method 3, add to balance whipped egg white. Mix well.
5. Prepare fry pan at low heat at about 120c. Cook it at your favorite shape.
6.Cook till both sides turning brown.
7.Can be serve with banana slice and brown sugar.

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