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How To Make Seasoned Bacon & Buttermilk Pancake – Breakfast / Brunch Anyone ? TiffianyTV

How To Make Seasoned Bacon & Buttermilk Pancake- Breakfast Brunch Anyone ?
Secrete Ingredients For Mouth Watering Bacon
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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause]foreignso[Music]hi guys thank you for tuning into mychannel this is your girl tiffianinow today i’m just cooking up a storm inthe kitchen makingsome pancakes and what i choose isorganic pancakes right but my bacon isgoing to belike maple makeup with a little bit ofvoilaso i can’t wait to show you i’ll leave athumbs up if you like this videosubscribe if you haven’t subscribedhit that bell if you if you haven’t hitthat belt what are you waiting forthis way you can see my notificationevery time i post a videoand you’ll be notified well let’s do thedamn thingyour choice but whatever it is chooseyour favorite pancake mix with thisbisquickwith andremima i don’t know whateveryour juicesbut for me i’m gonna try to go on thisroute of this organic lifestyle notfully but i’m gonnado nature’s promise organic buttermilkpancake mixit’s delicious it tastes kind of weirdit’s something that you gotta really getused to it i must saylike if you’re not used to a certaintype of texture i’mthen it probably won’t be for you orjust try itand you’ll just get used to it becauseit’s not like the andum jeremiah that that texture but it’sso goodso basically put it in a bowl you knowjust a serving sizeput in the bowl and just pour some milkup andwhat the milk i’m using is lactose freeumi am trying to use like milk you know inthose cards in those type containerswhy because they like for me i feel likethey have a longer expirationlife so that’s why i choose that type ofmilk so i’m gonna get the eggsi only need one egg i would definitelyrecommendlike serious guys i’m going intosupermarkets and like eggs is hard tofind i don’t knowif it’s just me but because of thiscoronavirus and so fortheggs is really hard to find but i wouldrecommend brown eggs if you can getbrown eggs i mean you’re set i feel likeyou’re doing your bodymore just by getting brown eggs ratherthan the white egg likei’m so clumsy[Music]so just mix it up with like littlecinnamon that brown flecks that you’reseeingit’s actually cinnamon oh[Music]you remember the cinnamon challenge guys[Music][Applause][Music]okay enough with this mixing already sothe next thing i’m gonna dois i’m just gonna turn on the stove grabmy favorite pani love this pan this is like a gothampan it’s really good it’s likeso it’s like nonstick it’s nonstickalready but i still like to putpam although it’s safe it’s a nonstickpanso it can be like less work for me wheni got to clean it up and it goes onbetter it’s smooth andit really gives my pancake a nice shapeespecially when i got to scoop thatpancakeup you know what i mean so i just pourit in thereloot for a while until i start seeinglike a little bit bubblessurfacing at the top that is when i knowit’s likea little bit hot enough and that is wheni would like flip itbut oh my god this butterbed pancake ithink the cinnamon in thismade it because if you don’t putanything in this then it’s just going tobe like a plain old pancake and whowants playingyou see the bubbles that you just sawearlier that’s what i’m talking aboutonce you see that forming then it’s timeto turn the pancakeand make sure now the moment you’ve beenwaiting for of coursethe bacon right everybody have their owntechniqueshow they you know fry their bacon butthis is not justany old bacon all right this is seasonedbacon well ah it depends on you becauselike some people like sweden some peopledon’t like sweet but this is for peoplewho like a little bitpizzazz a little bit in their meatso what i’m gonna do is to put the frythe bacon you knowhowever you fry your bacon just fryright and thisis when the real magic happens you readyfor itdon’t burn it so make sure you watch itand then just repeat thisprocess all over againso the moment you’ve been waiting for soblack pepper guys this is the secreti’ve been waiting to share with you guysonce i’m doing my baking is not anyother type of baconi like to put honey black pepperseasoning in my bacon infused into thepanat the end just to give it a littlespice and the onion garlic ahit makes it trust me it gives it so muchflavor guys you got to try it and ifyou don’t know now you know and youwelcomejust a little sprinkle it could be thepowder form or it can be the naturalonion and garlic[Music]so[Music]so since my pancake got a little bitcold just becausei was you know cooking the bacon as youcan seei’m just gonna pop this bad boy in themicrowave this way it’snice and melted and nice and buttery asyou can see there is so delicious rightnow i can’t wait to dig my teeth into[Music]so[Music]sowell there you have it y’all this is mybaconwell seasoned bacon and buttermilkpancake thank you for watching this isyour girl tiffianisubscribe if you haven’t subscribed hitthat bell if you haven’t hit that belland thank you for watching bye bye now[Music]pep[Music]hey

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