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How to make perfect homemade pancakes

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys welcome back to my channel sotoday as you can see I’m in my kitchenand today I’ll be teaching you how tocook properlypancakes blue just pancakes because I’ma person who more likes to cook cakescupcakespancakes bread or something like thatI’m more like a person like that and I’mfighting with also cooking vegetablesbut when it comes to touching raw me Iam not comfortable two o’clock cookRobbie and then sometimes I understandhow vegetarians feel but now today I’mgoing to teach your holiday cook yourbest made pancakes wait in your wholelife so today I’m gonna teach you how todo that and I call them my homemadepancakes so let’s start with it let’sstart with the recipe let’s start withthe main part where I’m a screw-up butlet’s do it so first you’ll need somesalt table salt doesn’t matter salt putsalt then we’ll need sugar and don’tworry you don’t have to use the whole bottle sugar this is just abottle of sugar and it’s just gonna useless than a house JK bottom ok no huhand then we’re gonna use some flour wemight use more this is very handy somemilk to make it feel nice and me someeggsjust when you’re able to shop it’s solate some eggs you know what I mean eggseggs yeah buta pot yeahthe kids are like the cookers like use areally nice like this plastic bah-bahlike when they use like a class which isso big we should use to make slime toeat popcorn also to my pancakes but nowI’m gonna do the traditional ways somostly I use this to do told me you knowmy own energy but today no since I’m anice person as you know Lisa got sometoday I’m gonna use this to do it fasteryou know what I mean so yeah I’m gonnajust remember just show you how it’sdone I’ll get mr. Ezard how to do it sofirst you need to Ohpot as much as you want then why you’regonna know what’s up eggs ah well takethings out well now you’re gonna need aknife you’re very good cooker you canoscillate but I’m not gonna risk itliterally a little small piece came outgreatnow you’re gonna need three eggs if youwant to make a lot of Pancakesokay you know let’s just go dirty makesure no small pieces are in there whichis impossible for me because I workedhow’d it taste where is this video it’sunder them Oh like this is the hardestthing when I’m cooking smallest piece inyour whole lifeoh the egg skin gets intothe bowl of well I guess someone needsto eat this small piece of spoiled myfriends are gonna kill me I need toclean my hands why am I like this Ican’t crack an egg properly withoutletting a smoke inside now I’m gonna userisk it with you I’m gonna kill you I’mhow I killed it and Factor youtechnically killed the baby alreadyokay so if suddenly it’s a small piecenot my problem that’s how I always golook luckily not myself now take thetrucks and put them in trust you causewe know mewe don’t need usually say they’re notanymore we’re just gonna be a very longI made sure that you can mother didn’talwaysthree babies were just killed okay soafter you got your eggs let me justyou’re gonna get some salt inside ateaspoon I chase my salt now the problemis here is that and here is closely okaythis piece jumped outI mix the eggs with the salt rememberinto the salt first don’t push itthis flour on the substrate then we’llstart to add some milkremember eggs salt milk[Music]so I’m sorry because my mom came in andtold me not to film because my computerwill get dirty is so first I will justtell you after you add your eggs withthe salt I’m gonna add milk after themilk you’re gonna add your sugar andafter the sugar you’re gonna add yourflour so if it’s really cool you can addflour and if it’s too salt to solid youcan add your milk a little bit and thenyou mix it it has to be an egg thick andalso liquidy so it has to be like in themiddle well and afterwards you’re gonnaput it in the pan make sure first youdetach to the ends of the pancake fromthe pan and then when it’s ready you canjust flip it same to everything okayso that’s didn’t Leah for this video Iwill just show you the results andthat’s it so let’s let me just do itreal quickly and I’ll show you theresults so here’s the final longer andit is delicious it is really nice so themost important thing is practicepractice how to do it and that’stechnically it can you watch this videoI hope you liked it hope you learntsomething new sorry for not showing youhow I did it but I decided to do therecipe and how to do it but I will showyou but sorry for that but thank you forwatching have a nice day nice night niceweek see ya

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