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How to make Pancakes without sugar or flour!

Hello everyone! This is a recipe of how to make pancakes without sugar or flour! I hope you like the recipe and make sure to subscribe!!!!!!!!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys welcome back to my channel andtoday i’m going to be showing you how tomakepancakes without sugar and flour solet’s get startedso as you can see here i have abowl and um whisk and right and firstwe’re going to be startingputting in our eggwe need only one egg so i’m going to becracking this eggthere we go now i’ve had it out of myeggsnow we’re gonna do is i’m gonna beadding two tablespoonsof honey so i’m gonna be putting intwo tablespoons of honey[Music]so it will be a little bit hard when youpour in the honey because it doesstick to your spoon orthe measurements that you’re usingone tablespoon now two tablespoons[Music]umit really does stick so i’m going to beputting it going through my fingerand i’m going to be pouring in[Music]there we go now what we’re gonna dois we’re gonna be adding one cup ofmilk you can use any milk i guessnow since we added our cup of milk we’regonna be umusing our whisk or a spoon it doesn’treally matter and we’re gonna be mixingthis very well sowhen we’re done um mixing ourliquid ingredients as you see this ishow mines look likeit’s okay with bubbly now we’re going tobe moving onto our dry ingredientsso now i’ve got a different ballso then i can put all my dry ingredientsandnow we’re going to do is we’re going tobe gettinga pinch of salt and old mealgrand um so the oatmeal brand umwe i turned it into um like powderand i put some sprinkle of salt right ontop of itso now we’re gonna do is we’re gonna beputting this in the bowlthere we go almost theretherenow what we’re going to be doing iswe’re going to gettingbaking powder we’re going to get umone tablespoon of baking powder so i gotit right hereand i’ll put it right in thereand now what we’re going to do is we’regoing to be mixingthis together but make sure you mix itreally wellbecause there is not much salt in bakingpowderand there’s a lot of the oatmealgrand powder so you will you will needtomix it all really well so i’m gonna bemixing mineuntil it is fully mixednow i finished mixing my oatmealand salt and baking powder and now whati’m going to dois i’m going to be adding this to ourliquids so i’m gonna be switching outthe ballsum by the way when you add in the powdermake sure you do it intolike thirds or in fourths so i’m goingto be adding a little biti’ll be using my spoonabout that much we’re gonna put in andwe’re gonna be mixingit until it um gets a little bitthick so let’s keep on mixing[Music]so i mixed it uh goodnow we’re gonna do is i’m gonna beadding in more of the powderso i’m gonna be getting in more of thepowderthere we go we’re gonna have to add allthe powder but into uh slowly becauseit will be a little bit hard to put itall at the same timenow let’s keep on mixingnow i’m going to be adding more of thepowderi’m just gonna pour it all inclean bowl and now we’re gonna continuemixingnow your thing should smell um some likesomething really goodmine’s kind of smell like banana is thathow they make bananasyou never know even though bananas areactually grownum but now since we finishedmixing our pancake mix we’re not gonnaputting it in the fight yetwe’re just gonna be getting somecardamomum we’re just gonna get like a sprinkleso this is cardamomand we are gonna be getting someabout that muchto get like some smellreally good smellnow let’s continue mixingso i got like two um some like sprinkleofcardamom and now what i’m gonna do isi’m gonna keep on mixingmy mixand now we’re going to be um so we’regoing to keep on mixing this very wellmine’s is thick a little bit liquidybut let me continue mixing and now we’regoing to be putting thisin the panjust continue mixing now i’m gonna putthis in the panjust a reminder that if your um pancakemixis like a little bit liquidy not thickum that means you need to put a littlebit moreof the oatmeal ultimately grand powderbecause we need to make we need it to bethick so then it could be really goodso it should look like this like as youcan see it’s super thicki had to add more of the oatmeal grandpowderso that it could be thick so sometimesyou’re gonna have to umincrease the measurements if it’s notthickbut only the powder but if it’s a littlebit too thick then you should put alike just a little milk it’s kind ofjust doing it a little bit betterbut that’s how it should look like bythe wayum before you put in your pancake makesure you put inbutter um like a small piece of butterand make sure the butter turns gold andthat’s when you’re ready to put in yourpancake so your butter should look likemineso now we’re putting in the pancakeso make sure you make the pancake um youcan actually make your pink ink any typeof shape you wantbut um let it cook on the bottom and tocheck if the bottom is readymake sure that it is all gathered likeit is one piece and you’re just gonnause your fryinguh just gonna use like a material to seeif the bottom is readyso um it should look a little bit betterhereit should but it’s um it should looklike this but not toodark a bit light but it should look likethatyou’ve made your perfect pancake that ismade of honeyand oatmeal

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