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How to make pancakes without flour or sugar!

Hey guys! In this video, I am going to show you how to make pancakes without flour or sugar! Also, make sure to subscribe and PUNCH that like button!

1 egg
2 tablespoons of honey
1 cup of milk
1 cup of ground oats
1 tablespoon of baking powder
A pinch of salt
1 teaspoon of cardamom

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys welcome back to my channel andtoday I’m gonna be showing you how tomake pancakes without sugar and flour solet’s get started so as you can see hereI have a bowl and whisk and we and firstwe’re going to be starting putting inour egg we need only one egg so I’mgonna crack this egg there we gonow I’ve hired out of my bag now we’regonna do is I’m gonna be adding twotablespoons of honey something you’reputting in two tablespoons of honey thisis my home so it will be a little bithard when you pour it in the honeybecause it doesn’t stick to your spoonor the measurements that you’re usingone tablespoon now to do thisI really dig in there we go now whatwe’re gonna do is we’re gonna be addingone cup of milkyou can use any milk I guess now sincewe added our cup of milk we’re gonna beusing our whisk or a spill and itdoesn’t really matter and we’re gonna bemixing this very well so when we’re donemixing our liquid ingredients as you seeit this is how mines look like it’s acave of bubbly now we’re gonna be movingon to our dry ingredients so now I’vegot a different ball so then I can putall my dry ingredients and now I’m gonnado is we’re gonna be getting a pinch ofsalt and old meal a grande um so theoatmeal brand we turned it into lightpowder and I put some a sprinkle of saltright on top of it so now we’re gonna dois we’re gonna be putting this in theballme almost therethere now what what we’re gonna be doingis we’re gonna getting baking powderwe’re gonna get 1 tablespoons of bakingpowder so I got it right here and I’llput it right in there and now what we’regonna do is we’re gonna be mixing thistogether but make sure you mix it reallywell because there is not much salt andbaking powder and there’s a lot of theoatmeal Grande powder so well you willneed to mix it all really wellsomebody mixing minds until it is fullymixed now I finished mixing my oatmealand salt and baking powder and now whatI’m gonna do is I’m gonna be adding thisto our liquids so I’m gonna be switchingout the bowls by the way when you add inthe powder make sure you do it into likethirds or in fourths so I’m gonna beadding a little bit I’ll be using myspoonabout that much we’re gonna put in andwe’re gonna be mixing it until it gets alittle bit thick so let’s keep on mixing[Music]so I mixed it oh good now we’re gonna dois I’m gonna be adding in more of thepowder so I’m gonna be getting in moreof the powder here we go we’re gonnahave to add on the powder but intoslowly because it will be a little bitharder to put it all on at the same timenow let’s keep on mixingnow I’m getting more of the powder allinand now we’re gonna continue mixing nowyour thing should smell something likesomething really goodmine’s gonna smell like banana is thathow they make bananas you never knoweven though bananas are actually grownum but now since we finished mixing ourpancake mix redundant pudding again inthe fight yet we’re just gonna begetting some cardomom um we’re justgonna get like a sprinkle so this iscardomom and we are gonna be gettingsome about that muchto get like some smell really good smellnow let’s continue mixing so I got liketo some like sprinkle of cardamom andnow what I’m gonna do is I’m keep onmixing with my mix and now we’re gonnabe so we’re gonna keep on mixing thisvery well – thick a little bit liquidybut let me continue mixing and now we’regonna be putting this in the pan andjust continue mixing now I’m gonna putthis in the pan just a reminder that ifyou’re um pancake mix is like a littlebit like what are you not thick thatmeans you need to put a little bit moreof the oatmeal ulta meal a grande powderbecause me and me we need it to be thickso then it could be really good so itshould look like this like as you cansee it’s super thick I have to add moreof the oatmeal brand powder so theycould be thick so sometimes you’re gonnahave to increase the measurements ifit’s not thick but only the powder butif it’s a little bit too thick then youshould put a like just a little milkCollege doing it a little bit better butthat’s how it should look like by theway before you put in your pancake makesure you put in butter unlike a smallpiece of butter and make sure the butterturns gold and that’s when you’re readyto put in your pancake so your buttershould look like mine so now we’reputting in the pancakeso make sure you make the pink cake youcan actually make your pink ink any typeof shape you want but let it cook on thebottom and to check out the bottom isready make sure that it is all gatheredlike it is one piece and you’re justgonna use your Frank just gonna use likea material to see if the bottom is readyyouso it should look a little bit betterthan it should but it’s Michigan willplay to this by not to birth but lightbut it should look like that you’ve madeyour perfect pinkie that is made punnyand oatmeal

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