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How to make pancakes with bananas part 6 2020-3-10

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Video Transcription

hello guys hello guys I’m gonna bewatching you first I’m just gonna bewatching the stuff that I’m gonna be andthe other side of the counter and I’mgoing to get really tired[Music][Music]all right the next one when you watchthis content is quite hard still sodon’t watch it right now[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]the menuyeah and even have to watch the pad hereI’m finishing today again is like for usI don’t know why yeah music Simoneoh I can’t afford ingredients plates andthen a lot of cups of dishes here thatwe didn’t even put wash it[Music]Ohharder to walk I don’t know how to walksuccess so that didn’t leave watchingmore gosh oh[Music][Music]I don’t like using fondant no and thenthrow me going in and we making head[Music][Music][Music]check out every single video videos[Music][Music]i cani yesterday[Music]yeah[Applause][Music][Music]we own the oil content we don’t need to30% coordinate or there’s no oil[Music]and of course the up from yesterday weuse this yesterdayit was really late I met yesterdayso yell deny somethingHeyso I’m done video for us to try our food[Music]

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