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How to make pancakes with bananas part 2 2020-3-10

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

so we just add a bit more soy milk tomake it nonstickyeah we’re not using our hands it’sbetter to cook the bananas first yeahshow you quick updates now much moreeasier to mix and it’s much more waterysee but we still need to add morebecause the consistency yeah over here[Music]it was easier to mix them before yeahI’m just gonna use oneokay just puppies and Norma just woke upsee where the first one to wake up rightnormal it’s okay it’s okay so just withthe whole thing right now yeahso just take this we don’t eat that okayand I’m not sleepy at all yeah and thisis the end so you don’t need it pleasedaddy has bored all out use itso after that we just put this on plateout I’ll help youOh[Music]can I can put it show you guys I’mJeremyso like it’s really watery so yeah afterI mix it and when it’s already come backto you guys again

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