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How To Make Pancakes (VERY EASY)!

How To Make Pancakes (VERY EASY)!

This recipe is very easy and fast.

The recipe is in the video.

Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoy.

And tell me in the comments what to do next.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

today Bubba did your video like you knowI live a practical and now there’s somefluffy pancakes homemade my recipe yeahanother degree this we need 1 cup offlour 2 tablespoons of baking powder and2 teaspoons of vanilla powder if youhave vanilla extractit’s okay akiza to and 2 tablespoons ofunsalted butter and then we need 2tablespoons of white sugar and 2 eggsand a cup of milk and now for thedecoration you keep some strawberryblueberry some strawberries and somesyrup and some with cream I’ll go withfirst up we need to melt the unsaltedbutter just put into your microwave for1 minute I love that melt will bedefinitely and this is the how it willlook like yeah so and now we need to putthe flour tea strainer I just likestrain it because if you do that it willlike will not be like just look it staystogether look so we need to just likestrain it and let it be like if you dothis it will become more fluffy just letit let it go and if you do this thepancake will become more fluffy and nowwe need to put the baking powder intothe strainer again I just dobut the pancakes come and they do thesame thing with the vanilla powder butif you have vanilla extract you can justlike okay now we’re done strainingeverything now we need to take the cupof milk and put it in bus and you guysmake sure to whisk it well add nothingalways have a family member with youbecause you don’t know what happens andnow it will look like a thick but it’sokayand now just put the melted butter inand I’ll put the melted butter in it andnow just keep mixing okayand if you look like this it’s okayjust whisk more but if it doesn’t comeout good just put a little bit more milkin first and now just put some more dirtin and keep wick saying sorry I metwhiskey okay just that little bit justkeep mixing until you’re like it’s islike this it’s never been thick butrunning like I already knows you boysokayand again always make sure to have afamily member with you I’ll say thatmillionth time I don’t careokay now or pancake batter is ready youcan no block you do that blah blah theyno sweatnow just put your oil and and if youguys have one of these just like goahead spirit or a but like you don’thave to but I you do thisokay now way to your oil it’s heating upmake sure you have a family member withyou okay okayand now until this is done oops guys youknow I forgot the white sugar yeah I’mdouble to pay or something yes and Ialso forgot the eggs yeah very smartIceland I don’t know yeah and is easilyto be whisk whisk like a banana justkeep just keep whiskey yeah[Music]and you guys try not to forget now youprobably smarter than me but him buzzand now as you can see the old is readyand the old now is not is fighting havenow just take a ice cream scooper Iusually use a scooper but it in how muchlet’s ready and it will probably takelike ten to five stickers and then it’slike ready and the technique to make itfluffy have a ice cream scooper it’slike babe and it’s like deep and now youcan see how thick it is like you seefluffy yeah and you can keep flipping ithow you like to wear this one’s a littlebit crispy what is okay one pancake andnow just keep doing that now you can seeI’m told all the patties and I literallymade a baby pancakeI’m gonna eatI’m making a huge package just probablythe world’s return I don’t knowwhat yeah boom look at that I’m probablygonna give this to my older brother hewould probably die for this so yeah andthis is the final decoration and ofcourse my mom helped me decorate thisand yeah we have here from whip creamand some strawberries and then your bearbutter and a strawberry a some syrup andso we are ever have oh I forgot somesugar powdered sugar so this turned outamazing I didn’t expect it to come outthis beautiful and if my mom wasn’t hereI couldn’t do this decoration so yeahmake sure to LIKE and subscribe andshare if you guys like the video andcomment what you want me to[Music]oh boy

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