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How to make pancakes #mykenyankitchen

Easy tasty pancakes
You’ll need
Two cups self raising flour
Lemon rind
Two tablespoons sugar, a pinch of salt
Two table spoons lemon juice
Milk half cup or one egg or both
Half cup of warm water
Cooking oil

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Video Transcription

two cups of all battle self-raisingflour two tablespoons of sugar and apinch of salt then one big egg and lemondrink I mean everyone is ready right soyou take the range so you mix all yourdry ingredients put in a sugar put inthe salt what is remaining is this I’mgoing to create it okay back in a fewwe’ve already removed a lemon rind ohyeah and you’re going to do we’re goingto squeeze out two tablespoons of lemonjuice the next thing being said weneeded only two tablespoons so you usewhat we will require now kitchen hackthe lemon that it’s all good all good wewe bought it three months ago I’m notsure yeah three months ago in Januaryand it’s still freshalthough it’s it’s ripened up so it gotcolor it’s it went from green to yellowwhich is normal so the hot kids wheneverwe buy our lemon juice it’s an easy bagam Karthikso it saves us the hassle of keeping tobuy a lemon with all the time once youput your lemons in the paper put it inthe bottom rack the one for vegetableclose it when you’re home and dry dryingredients mix that up together well sothat they are all incorporated in thereremember this is 2 cups of self-raisingflour 2 tablespoons of sugar and a pinchof salt and then you add in the lemonprint we are now doing all the dryingredients together this is not comingoff so I already mixed up all our dryingredients canina bakiwe want to do the wet so for our wetingredients we stayed one big egg pick anew tohsaka we are going to do Ken ugegg you only need one and we’re going todo the one for great deals on this onedepending on your lap for eggsI’ll probably do just one either so oneegg and if you don’t have eggs or youdon t eggs and you do you take milk thenyou can what is it called interchangethe two so you can use milk I will usemilk but I don’t have eggs at the momentso I’m going to use half a cup of milkdilute it with water warm water to makea couple a couple of what of thatmixture then we’ll add the lemon juiceand then we’ll see how it goes fromthere so the fat milk and semen aboutsaying this is we are being economicalhere that is the book that I used tomake my lemon drink so I’m going to putin cooking oil that’s about twotablespoons of cooking oil because inthis procedure we are not going to cookwith oil so we are putting the oil inthe mixture all right so then this isour lemon drink I love lemon juice thenmix that all up togetherand you know when you’re mixing thelemon greens the lemon juice sorry andthe milk you make a buttermilk oh youmake cultured meat whateverMatsuyama where you end up in a meetingin in the cup[Music]this is hot water I’m going to I don’tknow what is that at the bottom oh it’sjust a glass you’re going to make itwarm water so we are adding cool nowsince this other mixture was alreadymeasured we don’t need to put it slowlyso you just pour it in I need our wellinside thenyou know what a full glass of water thenyou if the mixture is still too heavyyou can go how do you you can’t go outin water but in this case you don’t needto add anything because I’m it is justperfect it’s going to be thick enough soin case we don’t risk adding more tacoswe already measured up everything so Ihave added in a bit of milk cause mymixture was very thick so guys Chuckyyou want to so you want your mixture tobe like thisMona when you scoop it up it naturallyfalls back down in a stream not lumpsand up close the mixture looks nice andnutty things I never knew you indicatedin a bed alright we are going to letthis rest for 15 minutes for at least 15minutes you can do ten but I will do 15after which will come back into the timeso we’ll cover it up with something witha wok with a damp cloth to allow it torise so it’s all not only cake that yourise all you can also do that forpancakesmixture is covered up we’re going to getput in the wrong place so so our batteris well rested now to me in 15 minutesso we are not going to cook so theessential part is to have a good pan sothis one is a nonstick pan Neal anddon’ts so our pan is ready this is ourmixture so you scoop up I use a servingspoon scoop it up and pour don’t move itdon’t touch it after that just leave itas it isit has a natural real spreading itselfand then wait until the bubbles startforming they are already starting wewait until the whole surface is bubblyso the bubbles are formed but not asgood as we wantyou can witness how the buttons arefollowso at this stage you can flip it or youcan wait for it to completely dry off sothey’re using a spatula flip and look atthe under isn’t it justokay when you’re done you need me likethat it’s what spongywe are going to do this for the rest ofthe pancakes see you on the other end

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