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How to make pancakes like 99 pancakes || Aisha’s Cooking Cafe

Hie friends,
Today in this video I’ve shown you all how to make pancakes like 99 pancakes. We hope you’ll like this video. Make sure you like share comment subscribe and follow me on Instagram
1 cup milk
5 tsp butter
1 and ¼ cup maida
Baking powder
3 tbsp suger
Nutella (optional)

Watch the video for the method

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Video Transcription

hi friends it’s me I shall and welcomeback to my channel so friends I am goingto show you how to make these yummy miniNutella pancakes so without wasting anytime let’s get startedso now friends in a bowl I’m going toadd 1 and 1/4 cup of maida which isall-purpose flour 2 teaspoons of bakingpowder followed by a pinch of salt andat last 3 tablespoons of sugar now we’llgive it a nice mix and then all my dryingredients gets mixed properly now I’mgoing to add 1 cup of milk to it andfighty spoons of butter both should beat room temperature butter you need toadd melted butter and now we are goingto be Omega give it a very nice mix nowwhen it forms a semi dopey need to add 2eggs we don’t need to form a property ofitand now we’ll mix it well so you can seemy butter is all set and ready to getcoke this is with this will be have aconsistency and our color so now you I’mhaving a mold in which I’m gonna cook ifyou’re not having a mold you can easilyuse a nonstick pan in which you can cookI’ll be showing you the method ofnonstick pan after or showing you themetal a method of this mini pancakes butI would prefer to take this if you arehaving but you can also cook there sonow I am i preheated my own this pancakemold in which now I’m gonna add mybattle you need to fill the batter halfdon’t fill the batter fully because itcontains baking powderwell you can see your bubbles have comeif the bubbles have come this means thatyour pancake is cooked from behind andnow I’m just gonna turn it only once thebubble comes you need to turn it so youcan see so easily it caught on as thisis a 4th on the shape will be little armthis way you need to opt on all thepancakes so you can see my pancakes areall set and ready to get out of the moldI am going to remove all my pancakes andnow here’s my method of baking in a panso you I am I have already preheated apan in which I’m gonna add my batter youneed to add butteraccording to your knee like how much bigyou want that much you need to add thebatter and don’t spread it like a dosaso you can see when the bubble arrivesyou’re not losing the edge and will turnit now your friends the color might belittle different but the taste is justthe same as we eat in 99 pancakes wellyou can see it’s done from behind aswell and now I’m gonna remove it so youI have already decorated like I havealready kept my all my bangles which I’mgoing to top with Nutella you can feelfree to change your topping in a pipingbag I have just putted my Nutella that’sitso finally you might hear me miniNutella pancakes are ready I hope youliked this video make sure you likeshare comment subscribe and follow me oninsta

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