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How to make pancakes in 6 minutes

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Video Transcription

what’s up guys with back to my channelso today I’m going to be a good pickaxall I need is flour sugar salt bakingpowder oil milk and an egg so I putfirst you’re gonna push the bakingpowder and flour and and the fault andsugar again I mix the salt and sugartogether if you want a perfect thing soI don’t know and then you gotta washyour hands mix them together and thenit’s gonna look some kind like this andthen I’m gonna use a bit of help[Music]so now something that’s not to me likethisso now you gotta put the right amountthat you want and then you pour it oh mygod where does this passion there’salways a special what’s this functionokay okay when it bubbles you guys wantto take it up when it bubbles a lot[Music][Music]is done wanna put it over here and thenyou can make another one if you likeokay I port so now I’m going to pull itokay that’s you have this on breakfastor dessert I think we’re gonna have itfor breakfast very yummy haven’t triedthis yet we’ll see if it’s done okay notyet we’re gonna wait wait wait wait waitso this for I canit’s okay okaywhen you paint with the Sun don’t wannatake it and then us clinics voilaif you liked this video remember tosmash that like button subscribe bye

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