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In this video we We make pancakes, from mixing, to chocolate chips, to flipping and even a little whip cream!!

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Video Transcription

Britta weld glitter world welcome to avans glitter world if you liked thevideo make sure to LIKE and subscribethank you welcome so let’s get startedand have some fun its first thing youneed to doyou don’t know why don’t we start withsome pancake mix yephow much you want need one of those youcan do it[Music][Music][Music]maybe just a little bit more we likeglass that’s been night love pancakesbut I would say this app lets water[Music]so we add flour and then we add waterall of it flour and water again[Music]like looks a little runny yepwhy do you put in some more[Music][Music][Music]what else we put my pancake thingswhy didn’t put the gnomoncan you fill it withwhy don’t we put vanilla in therewhere’s the vanilla from back on[Music]vanilla is actually like mixed you knowI’ve actually really good to meI think it’s good to most people like ifyou go to Mexico and you haven’t beenusing public dryoh when the virus is over and if youwant to see all my videos I just have tolook up of a little worldand make sure – okay why don’t we takethis stuff over the stove all rightwe’re ready to put the batter on the panbut remember that stove is very hot sowe have to be very very careful use thattake a bigger scoop[Music]can you make it kind of simple for medata did he put it on[Music]can you flip it for me[Music]that’s kind of thank you guys okay don’tput anything on top of that put it inqueue go and add the chocolate chips ifyou have to be very careful putting themon the and the chocolate chips onbecause you could get throat and beingburnt to really firm so make sure to becareful by them so when it’s on what youmaking[Music]just be careful on the stove is on causeit could be going hot[Music]my sister is only five years old butit’s really not right to be by yourselfbecause there’s not like lots offrou-frou it forever you for me and mysister so we just like Everly isn’t likegonna be in the video like until the endof making pancakes but she’ll be back[Music][Music][Music]but sometimes we would do it but todaywhat else do we like to do[Music][Music]girl[Music]look at mine what is that what is that amonkey ma[Music][Music][Music][Music]thank you for Georgia madchen tuna time[Music]

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