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How to make pancakes from scratch- delicious and fluffy!

Step by step guide on how to make impressive American pancakes at home with just grocery cupboard ingredients. I also include some ideas on how to jazz them up and take them from ordinary to extraordinary!

Happy cooking 🙂

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Video Transcription

good morning everyone it’s Clairewelcome back to my channel if we’re inthe mood for a hot fluffy tall stackstay tuned for this easy store cupboardrecipe using all your staples and laterin the video I’ll share some ideas onjazzing them up too and making themextra-special for your guests or familyor just for yourself as a nice treat fortoday’s recipe you’re going to need someplain flour some plain white sugar 1 eggsome milk baking powder salt and I useolive oil in my recipe so this recipemakes about 10 to 12 pancakes and youcan jazz up by making a French toastpancake which instead of white sugar youcan put in 2 scoops of brown sugar and ateaspoon of cinnamon chip pancakes so Isprinkle on the top chips just as I putthe batter on the skillet or you canmake a chocolate pancake with 2tablespoons of cocoa powder you couldalso do standard blueberry pancakesabout half a cup or a handful of bhootblueberries mixed into your mix youcould also have your pancakes asbreakfast for supperwith some eggs and bacon or sausage onthe side so in a large bowl you’re gonnaput your dry ingredients first and I useone and a half cups of plain white flourso that doesn’t have any raising agentin it just yet okay so the next thingyou need two tablespoons of white sugarif you’re just making this standardpancake recipethen you need your baking powder andthat helps them to rise and make themnice and fluffy and I just use 1teaspoon of baking powder pinch of saltand then get your whisk back make alittle well in the middle so make alittle hole and that’s where your wetingredients are going so in goes yourolive oil that’s 2 tablespoons of oliveoil and then I’ve got 1 cup of milk andthen you mix in your egg as well and youwant to get it thoroughly mixed but youdon’t want to overwork it you just wantto get it to the point where everythingis mixed together it doesn’t matter ifit’s not completely smooth because youdon’t want this to be rubbery so don’tover mix if you find it’s too too thickyou can add just a few teaspoons ofwater to help loosen it ok so next stepyou need to get your skillet nice andhot or big frying pan nice and hot andput your batter on in whatever sizepancake you want to make so I’m makingsome medium sized pancakes you can makethem this big and it’s all small as youwant tookay so I start with the heat reallyhigh and just so it can kind of get thatbrown outside and then once bubblesstart to form on the top I flip themover and I’ll keep my heat high just forabout 30 seconds to a minute in order toget that nice toasty brown color on theoutside and then I turn the heat down abit to make sure that the pancakes havecooked all the way through so I’ve got anice toasty brown color there flip themover that and sit just for a minutebecause why not a slightly pale on theout on the other side and then they’reready to eat so I hope you enjoy cookingand eating your pancakes if you don’twant to miss out on any future recipesplease make sure that you like andsubscribe to my channel and turn on yournotifications

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