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How to make pancakes for your Breakfast, kids recipe

3 Siblings show how to make easy and yummy pancakes.

adult supervision required for cooking process.

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1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup milk
1 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp melted butter
3 tbsp sugar
2 eggs

chocolate chips
shredded cheese

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Video Transcription

[Music]everybody we aren’t back for new videotoday we are gonna make our favoritebreakfast pancakes so we are going to doit and three ways so first is theregular pancake chocolate-chip pancakesand the cheese pancake so umm ah yeah sohere are in the ingredients we need I’ma 1 cup of flour we need a ma 3teaspoons of sugar we need 1 teaspoon ofbaking powder we need 2 teaspoons ofbatter melted butter butter and you need2 eggs we need 1 cup of milk and theflavors you need is chocolate chips andcheese okay so yeah let’s get startedfirst mix the flour and baking soda andsugar to set us so set aside yeahso gonna add the sugar okay next well soI’m gonna let something mix good job[Music]yeah all right nobody’s making good okayso let’s use off to mixing we are inanother wall big bowl we are gonna addthe eggs with milk we’re gonna beat theeggs with milk and butteradd the add the butterI mean eggs sorry hold on no no becareful and we have to mix well ofcourse okay okay and the real of coursewe have to also add the milk and butterfirst when you tie the butter meltedbutter Nookay go okay and then I’m gonna add themilk okay we are going to mix wellmiddle so right now it has to lookclearly different if you have to makehurt all combined together mix well nowyou’re just gonna mix well okay I thinkthis is okay looks okay we shall do thisyou guys do they it’s nice so I’m notyeah let’s start cookinga few moments later okay guys it’s notcooking time so I’m not so oh my youhave to heat the pan and then lightlyyou have to spray some cookingburn you and stuff you might get hurtyeah okay well right now we have bubblesnow you see a lot of bubbles guys see alot so now it’s time to flip okay youbetter be carefulperfect it’s kind of breathing but it’sokay doesn’t matterso uh yeah so once you are done you’regonna put in the plate so yeah right nowit’s gonna be good okay now we are donewe are going to put on the platesperfect[Music]these are the walls that’s cool nowyou’re gonna make the cheese one I’venever heard so you’re gonna see it nowyou guys see that cheese you see that soright now my mom’s gonna do that’sliving on this one so we’re gonna maketwo we’re gonna make another two cheeseclose it please I’m good good good stuffokayright now there’s a brown part oh youguys you hear that so it smells good tooWow so sound try to listen to man it’scoolgo guys the top one has holes okay guysit’s ready oh that looks cool cuz I seethat that looks like my question whatdoes what does this kind of cheese tastelike together um we’re making eggs okaynow now we have all the chocolate chipsthey’re told I can I tell you somethingcool about the pancake chocolate chipsso as you can see you have to tell thechips on top right right so once you’vedone flipping it over and then onceyou’ve done it you’re gonna flip thatover like put it there and then we’regonna be holes nah cheese melting sothat once we’ve done baking it I meancooking it we are gonna taste it I hopeyou’re staying home safe yeah[Music]thanks we’re done a few minutes laterhey guys we’re now we’re gonna do ataste time as you can see we’ve alreadygot our drinks we’ve got syrupfor the regular ones I’m uh and thenyeah let’s go eat it so first I’m gonnatry um the cheese one it works I have tosay ten stores if I’m face like cheesepizza cheese okay guys let’s eat it isit good is it good Jarrow oh my godhoney you made a mess on your plate butit’s okay okay guys um we’re gonna trythe regular one now unless you can seewe have their place so let’s add thesyrup if the zero my hands ahand I had a ribbon wife I could spreadit all around right now okay so that’sit for today’s video if you like thisvideo like and and subscribe turn ondon’t post notifications and you’ll getnotified whenever we upload new videosso yeah see you next time bye say bye tothe camerabut Stacy peace out

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