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HOW TO MAKE PANCAKES || Fluffy Pancake Recipe

Pancake is one of the easiest recipes, which can be achieve using ingredients you should have in your kitchen.
Why not try these Recipe for breakfast this weekend

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello guys and welcome back to mychannel it is your girl the Rio videothank you guys for all your supportthank you for always dropping by myChina really appreciates you all thankyou so much guys for subscribing and ifyou are watching this video and you arenot yet subscribed to my channel pleasekindly subscribe what are you waitingfor subscribe and you will not regretsubscribing and as you watch this videogive the video a thumbs up and leave acomment in the comment section belowso guys in today’s video I’m going to besharing with you guys our cap ml thenjoy a pancake and in preparing this Iwill be needing my flour my bakingpowder my milk Meshugamy eggs my butter I just mentioned it inthe microwave so it’s my Balta and I’vealso been kneading this bunny loveslabel so guys first of harmful to bemissing all the cried and driedingredients this is my fly is my flapand now I’m going to be adding sugar goto be added sugarand then I will be adding a littlebaking powder just a little and I willalso be adding a little salt just apinch of substrate and then I’ll go tothis them togetherand love what we’re missingthe wet ingredients yes my eggs and nowput reporting in my melted butter andthen I’ll be adding my flavoryes my vanilla flavor so I’ll be addinga littleso I finished adding my label and I’mgoing to be adding my milkI’m sorry I just[Music]so now I’m going to be burning insidethe flow so I’m going to be pouring it’sbeen saidI’m still going to miss it a little soguys I finished missing all myingredients together and now I’m goingto start frying them what you startfrying so let’s go over to the fryingpots so guys here’s my frying pan I justadded a little vegetable oil to it andthen so you add my friend punk-ass sonow I’m going to be adding mypractically – baby I’m going to beadding in VietnamI don’t need if you think I don’t wantit to be too big so I’m just going to befriendsso that’s not going to be fabulousso this particular eddy somebodyremoving thisbecause I’m going to be repeating thesame thingfor the first one with a ligature orsometimes of the penis now I’m going tobe flipping it[Music]so guys I can see I finished frying allmy pancake and this is it I hope youguys enjoyed this video if you did enjoythe video please don’t forget to givethis video a thumbs up and leave acomment in the comment section below Iwill be seeing you guys in my next videobye guys[Music][Music]

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