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How to make pancakes/Evelyn/ 7A

This video shows you how to make pancakes 😀

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

are you tired of sitting there and doingnothing because of quarantine do youwant to do something well you’re in luckbecause in this video we’ll teach youhow to make pancakesyou’ll need these ingredients oil sugarbaking powder and eggs also flourstarts if saving your flowernext crack the eggsyouthird step pour the sugar and makingpowder with the eggsyoucorner oil slowly while mixingyouthen pour the flour inside the mix andstarethen pour the milk inyoumix until there’s bubbles to know whenyou’re donelet it sit for a while while waitingprepare the things spread little oil onthe panpour the pancake batter into the panyou’ll know when it’s done when thebubbles rise then flip to the other sideand wait for a while and you get yourpancakes thank you for watching thisvideo goodbye

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