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How to make pancakes | easy | Tutorial

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Video Transcription

hey hey hey hey you yeah you do you wantto learn how to make pancakes justfollow these steps and you’re going tosuccess hello that everybody is me againshift angel we went today I will showyou how to make something really tastypancakes with ain’t your mamaand to me millions you need is a whisk aspatula some butter or you can use oilmo me some very nice meat a pan and lastbut not least ain’t your mamaancient email our Aunt Jemima AuntJemima a cherry the first thing you wantto do is Angelina[Music]when done the flowers should look likethis[Music]step number two next thing you want todo is put the pan and put the value toseven and a halfnext you want to add some butter now youcan you can place the flower water tothe pan once you see that there’s alittle bit of bubble in the pancakes youcan start starting to flip it around andif you weigh a little you can now flipthe other way aroundnow you are ready to eat some delicious[Music]alright guys I know it’s kind of sure Iwill make longer videos later on andthanks for watching please like andsubscribe and bye well my mom my mom Iwill make longer videos later on I wasjust in a rush so yeah bye[Music]

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