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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my youtubechannel today I will teach you how tomake pancake and this is a pancake mixI’m gonna go use now I’m gonna go openthe pancake mix you put the mixture inthe bottomnow it’s time to add some water and mixitum this is too thick so I’m gonna go addsome more water and it is 1 1/2 cup nowthe pancake mixture is ready now all Ineed is one pan now I’m gonna need somecooking oil no I’m going to use this tohelp me make the pancakes now the entirepancake feels with bubbles I’m gonna goflip the pancakeokay now it’s time to flip the pancakeWownow the pancake is bunny now I’m goingto put some more cooking oil now pancakemixtureI think is ready I hope you try this athome and please subscribe share and likethis video

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