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How to make pancakes 🥞 tutorial for kids (very easy)

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Video Transcription

and today we will be making justpancakes so we were going to be making28 to 30 pancakes but if you’d like thisI will be sharing the amount that youwill be needingDanya okay so the ingredients you’ll beneeding is small so flour 50 50 grams ofmelted butter should look like thislemon juice baking powder 6 eggs or ifyou’re making this about about 4 and theutensils you are going to need is awhisk and you also need this sit thathas a tablespoon measurement but quarterteaspoon and all those measurements andyou love and you need a sieve the mainthing to need two bowls for me I’m goingto be making but if you are using if youare making so in your small bowl you’regoing to first mix the dry ingredientsso we need three cups[Music]and you may pause the video in everytrial about to see the flower okay so Iadded the flowerI saved it and if you’ve messed it wasthree cups of plain flour the next thingwe will need is salt we need threepinches of salt you could choose not tosieve it or to see but I prefer to seethat for the baking powder you need oneteaspoon oh now you’re getting on withthe way to be in our bigger bowl soyou’ll be needing six eggs oh yeahso this begin[Music][Music]make sure you have a bowl to put theeggs in three whole eggs five and lastbut not least a sixokay now that those are done with nowbefore adding any other wet ingredientsyou’ll need to so we are just askingthese next we need to add do you knowcuffsOh mine’s a bit covenant bow about itisn’t itdrop one up to three and read meoh so that is your you’re gonna next weneed to add the 30 grams of meltedbutter let me check it that oh and yeahwe now need 10 a tablespoon teaspoonand another teaspoon of lemon juice weadd the lemon juice because it gives thepancakes a lot of flavorI cannot okay now what we need to do iswhat’s the wedding video I will beshowing you how it looksI finished whisking it looks really goodnow we need to do is add the dryingredients into the two tablespoons andthen mix in to the pan into the batterand it looks beautiful and creamy if yousee any like chunks in it you can seeall the strainer and pour it intoanother Bowl it takes up all the largechunk and it comes up vertical I willshow you rather could this not so thisis how to fit in a rich creamyand really really sick it looks soI finished making the batter now youneed to let it set in the fridge butstill they don’t talk for about 15minutes or 30 from training to theTimnath for the cooking part of thebatter take this and put a bit of batteron and then take your pan and make surethat it is seated and don’t forget toput oil on so when you take your batterput it on and quickly spin your panuntil it makes a perfect circle if youhave any holes in it followed wordsbatter wait 30 seconds for it to cook[Music]22:30 take them take your spatula put itunderneath a pancake and flip it overand wait 25 seconds now you’ve got yourpancake put it into a plate and close itor doesn’t it coldso there you have it that’s how you makeMorgan’s pancakes hope you guys enjoyedthe video and hope your pancakes turnedout good and delicious because mine didbye[Music]

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