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HOW TO MAKE PANCAKES 🥞 Cooking W/Noemy week 2- Culinary 1


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Video Transcription

welcome to therefore some cooking withNaomi I’m your host and we get ready tostart cooking cooking with me yummy Isee with Naomi all the right hair backand also a chef’s hatI don’t have a chef’s head[Music]so because oh yeah they don’t have mychef suit so you’re just gonna have togonna build it so let’s just do thiswhat we’re gonna need for the pancakeegg milkpancakes the tool that you’re gonna needto make pancakes is a whiska bowl like a knife that’s dirty justadd your one cup of the mixadd one cup of milk 1 large egg[Music][Music]yes I have a medium cloths no I’mkiddingI don’t know tablespoons needed and Iyes I cut with the thing on just cuz Idon’t like getting my hands on buttereggs those are really bad cuts and nowwe’re gonna move to our clicking a fewinches later day two day three day fourtwo thousand years later I just by justmoving either bubbles coming off yourbike okay well it’s cooking under thereyou know so like so like dad we’re justgonna make sure that is equally gettingcloseefficacy before[Music]so you’re able to pick it up me littlebuddy just gonnaI haven’t tried this out but I took coolit and I put it inside a ziploc bag ifthis works okay give that blood doesn’tleave you know what but that didn’t worknow we’re gonna have our okay well canthat pot or something that’s cinnamonCool Whip and some just try itOh would you like some cooking with meJoe

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