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How to make pancakes 🥞

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys I’m going to be teaching you howto make pancakes it’s really easyokay so what you’re going to be needingis that some I picked this kind it’scrust as light and fluffy butter meltcomplete pancake mix just out of wateryeah and you’re gonna like these like abottle of water and if you if you canlike buy this brand like any kind withlike the one that says like pancake mycomplete pancake mix and all you have todo is just add waterso you’re just gonna like so I’m gonnaset this right here oh gosh okay I haveto hold it okay so I’m gonna need thisokay and then you’re gonna get the flourI’m gonna my dice okay and then you’regoing to need go into the noodle 1/2 acup and then you’re going to get theI’ve been making these a lot see ICC andthen you’re just going to pour itit’s okay if it’s like not really thatfull but I need like a bit more of it soif you wanna make more if you want liketwo pancakes okay okay[Music][Music]oh and you’re gonna heat a spoon[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]pancake mix is done when it’s like whenit’s like oh you’ll be like water likewater okay[Music][Music][Music]okay this is what is supposed to looklike when it’s done a mini mix okay I’mjust gonna throw this in the sink okayokay we don’t really have them um dishesokay so we don’t need this and I’m justgonna wash this and[Music]okayokay and this is where the my pen comesin okay so you’re just gonna put it onlike eight that’s what I usually put iton and then like I just always likecheck and it’s like starting to get highas used to you oh yeah and you’resupposed to put oil spray or it’s gonnastay but I don’t know where mine isso I’m just gonna put like on butter cuzI seriously don’t know where my spray itis it might be in a pinch you not in thepantry so maybe right there okay so whatyou want to do is just go like this[Music][Music]okay okay and you’re just okay I’m gonnahave to put it on this down okayokay I’m so it I’m gonna I’m a spoon I’mgonna use a plastic spoon okay okay wellit’s bubbling Abed why don’t I see likeway but it’s okay well I am I’m going toflip this around like this so you can dolike slow or like fastnot only on the perfect spotand I don’t think it’s gonna be big but[Music]well[Music][Music][Music]okay well we mostly use them all okay sowhen you you like the winner so when youlike fear bubbles on the top that meansit’s like ready to flip and like on thewhen you flip it that’s my set it that’smy best that’s the best part[Music][Music]okay so like I’m gonna sit on oh waitokay I need to hold it with my otherhand[Music]okay so let me see bubbles it’s supposedto be like ready to flipwell we must be just rightoh well it’s getting cooked it’s gettingcut okay so you see this like a littlepiece at the bottom it has like oh ifit’s like golden brown it’s done and notready okay this isn’t really hard to me[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]okay if you make this mistake all rightI was really like slip it rightabsolutelywhat’s it details like just like move itaround[Music][Music]I for some reason I was supposed to reelmy faceat but I have to reveal my face for thiswhat do you need my talkie okay theMacra I’m sorry in the back okay um doyou think is like ready to play it likejust flip it when it like looks goldenbrown right here no so still it goldenbrown right yeah it looks good rightwhen that when you light when you guystouch to the wall chick-fil-a okay[Music]okay and then we’re gonna get up[Music]yeah are you really okay and then we’regonna taste you don’t don’t[Music]I have to do this but butter on it andsyrup hope you guys like the video thereI already know that done good ok so guysI hope you liked the video um if youwant to see my pancakes they look sogood right and I’m so excited to eatthemok bye I hope you guys like the videoface

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