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How to make Pancakes 😋

I hope you enjoyed the video 😆 !

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello guys and welcome welcome to mychannel kitchen along with the world Ithank you I thank all the subscribersthe people who support me and I wish youthe viewer if you are like the new newand now the first time you see in mychannel subscribe please and share withyour friends so today I’m makingpancakes which is very lovely and veryeasy is recipe that anyone can make ahome so the ingredients like I said lowis 1 1 cup and half of flour and bakingsoda is like 7 point 5 gram then theonly one pack and there is one and halfof milk there are 3 eggs there isvanilla extract there is a pinch of saltand a pinch of cinnamon oil and sugarand sugar we can use like 1/2 cup if youlike kids mostly you can add more tothis tablespoon so first of all for thisrecipe we gonna take the eggs out ofthere we’re gonna mix it but first weadd some sugarlike I told I put like half of cap it’sapproximately like 3 big spoon form thenwe mix[Applause]now I ate pinch of salt and cinnamon anextract of vanilla like half spoon ifyou don’t have this extra if you can usejust powder it’s okay but this is muchmore beautiful plus one tea spoon ofcooking oil big onewe mix this[Applause][Music]now we add the milk one cup and half andwe mix again it’s very easy recipeyou’re gonna love it you can see howit’s gonna be cooked very very very veryvery fast now what I’m gonna make I’mgonna add just baking powder to theflour give it my little mix beautifulone that’s one cup and half and now wecan edit gradually andagain till you finish or the amountwe’ll finish it and wasted a little bit[Music]now I’m gonna take away this robot am Igonna use the Handy and mix it it’s likeold daysmmm it’s given the flavor of cinnamonvery very looking yummy I’m gonna littlesip just dough we can go for about like50 minutes before cooking it and we heatour pan we heat it and we make a littlebit of butter a small amount before youput in your pancake into the painotherwise if your pan doesn’t stick youcan just pour it and it’s going veryvery well very fine so I’ll be back Iwill just cover it and we’ll be back in15 minutes I’ll show you how it goes nowmy pan is ready I’m gonna get a mateonly two to IkeI can’t keep watching it because it’scooked very fast one see the bubblesjust heard enough like this I turn it itdoesn’t take only like three secondsfour seconds very very very fast you cansee how it looks very niceyou

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